Zenith Media signs with Rentrak


RentrakAudience measuring service Rentrak has added its first agency to its client list, bringing Zenith Media into the fold. Zenith says that in moving away from Nielsen’s diary-based service it will be paying less for more.

“Zenith is proud to be at the beginning of a big industry change. For the first time in industry history, we are replacing the low-response rate, highly unpredictable surveys and diaries with massive and passive measurement,” said Zenith’s Chief Data Officer Rob Jayson.

He added, “We expect to see significant reductions in costs for our clients as well as dramatically improved service. Every one of our clients is looking forward to the prospect of greater predictability and accountability. We expect that this new Rentrak-based currency will become the new gold standard for all of local TV ad spending and are excited about the prospect of significant change and improvement in our TV currency and trading. Rentrak information will help us open up a new era of TV negotiation through the use of modern data matching techniques, which enable us to trade on consumer audiences rather than broad demographics.”
Zenith Media is part of Zenith Optimedia, which in turn is under the Publicis universe of companies.

Rentak uses data garnered for set-top boxes to obtain its results, claiming 29 television sets that provide data from subscribers to cable, satellite and telco services; and it claims 114M television sets that can provide VOD data. It has information coming from all 210 US DMAs.