ZillionTV to launch with numerous syndication companies


Through agreements with major Hollywood studios, TV networks and Visa, the ZillionTV Service will offer an extensive array of entertainment content; targeted and addressable ad opportunities and ecommerce, enabling consumers to make programming purchases through their television.

Programming is streamed directly to the TV. Programming will range from select library content from 20th Century Fox Television to new releases and a selection of library titles from The Walt Disney Studios, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.

ZillionTV viewers choose how they want to watch programs – they can watch targeted and addressable ad-supported content for free, rent content for a nominal fee, or “buy to own,” depending upon what options are offered by each content owner tied to each specific program. For example, television content from NBC Universal will be available via “buy to own.” Viewers also select ad categories based on their interests and preferences.

“ZillionTV is building a new television ecosystem grounded in partnerships spanning from powerhouse TV networks and Hollywood studios, to Visa and major advertisers,” said Mitchell Berman, CEO, ZillionTV Corporation. “At the same time, we have built a business model where all parties benefit – consumers can access an expansive collection of entertainment when and how they want; content providers gain a new digital distribution platform; and, advertisers get closer to engaged viewers by providing relevant and addressable TV advertising.”

The service, currently in beta, will offer instant, subscription-free access to entertainment content. All content is offered on-demand and delivered directly to the television set via a common high-speed Internet connection. Viewers pay a nominal, one-time, initial service activation fee to receive the ZillionTV Device and remote control.

The company plans on having 15,000 titles on the service by the end of the year.

All programs are available through an on-screen interface called the VUI  Experience that features intelligent multi-dimensional search to help viewers instantly find shows or discover new programs by genre, actor, year, subject matter and more. Based on these choices, the system creates personalized recommendations specifically for each viewer.