Zimmerman, CARFAX Bring CAR FOX character to life


The “Show Me the CARFAX” campaign is getting animated. The latest ads for Carfax – via Ft. Lauderdale-based Zimmerman Advertising – are designed to drive used car shoppers to reputable dealers and to build confidence with a helping hand (or paw) from a friend, the CAR FOX. For him, life is simple: all you have to do is say, “Show me the CARFAX” to know you’re buying from a reputable dealer and getting the most trusted vehicle history information available.

The Carfax character recently underwent a major makeover, morphing from a simple hand-held puppet in a previous Carfax ad, to an animatronic animal with an attitude.

Designing the CAR FOX was no small feat. Zimmerman Advertising turned to the Legacy Effects studio, the minds behind the special effects in Ironman, Predator, and Avatar, to help get the job done. The results: an animatronic puppet that takes five people to operate.

The new work breaks this week with a series of :15 and :30 TV spots that depict several comical versions of people buying used cars. Just as the buyer is about to sign on the dotted line, the CAR FOX appears and reminds the consumer to just say, “Show me the CARFAX!”