Bronx Buccaneer Slapped For Illegal Sea Lounge Sounds


The Sea Lounge Bar & Restaurant has received positive reviews on Yelp since May, and its Jamaican and Caribbean fare seems to be a hit on the west side of Mt. Vernon, New York, just above the Bronx.

Now, it’s received its first violation warning. No, it’s not for live roaches in a reach-in cooler that had food products. It’s actually for a pirate radio station coming from the quick service eatery, and it’s courtesy of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau.

On April 18, agents from the Enforcement Bureau’s New York office received a complaint of an unlicensed FM station operating at 104.5 MHz in the Bronx.

By using direction finding techniques, they discovered that the signal was emanating from the restaurant in nearby Mount Vernon.

The restaurant’s owner identified one George Brown as the operator for the unlicensed operation, and he’s the recipient of a NUO (Notice of Unlicensed Operation) from Enforcement Bureau Region One Regional Director David Dombroski.

The field strength of the signal on frequency 104.5 MHz was measured at 1,734 microvolts per meter (µV/m) at 1079.08 meters, which exceeded the maximum permitted level of 250 µV/m at 3 meters for non-licensed devices. Thus, the illegal station is operating in violation of Section 301.

The warning allows Brown to explain himself, ahead of a likely Notice of Apparent Liability for forfeiture.

The pirate station is a first-adjacency to iHeartMedia Class B Classic Rocker WAXQ-FM 104.3 in New York and Pamal’s nearby Class B CHR/Pop WSPK-FM 104.7 in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., which uses a transmitter atop Mt. Beacon.