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Hello, and welcome to the RBR+TVBR InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM.

Our podcasts, hosted by Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson, place a spotlight on the key news makers who shape broadcast media in Washington, drive its future through station transactions, and those providing the latest tech products of interest to the industry.

Originally launched as a daily series focused on the challenges and response by broadcasters to the Coronavirus pandemic, RBR+TVBR InFocus podcasts have since evolved into a popular Tuesday/Thursday feature of a broader nature.

Here is the full menu of all RBR+TVBR INFOCUS Podcasts:

CURRENT EPISODE (as of July 14): Will Offeman

Recent Episodes Available in the Above Player:

Meaghan Thomas
Robert Corn-Revere
Buddy Shula
Dick Foreman
Dave Schutz on ZoneCasting
Stephanie Valencia
Doug Ferber
Anne Schelle
Jack Hobbs
Keith Pelletier
Albert Rodriguez
Ralph Bachofen, Triveni Digital
Fred Jacobs and Techsurvey 2022
Mark DiMassimo
Byron Allen at the Broadcasters Foundation of America breakfast
Caroline Beasley
Rick Sanchez
Tom Cheli, Frequence
Joe D’Angelo
Marilois Snowman
Greg Guy

Episode No. 185:
Dave “Chachi” Denes
Steve Jones
Paul Kelly, A Million Ads
Fred Jacobs
Susie Hedrick
Brian Handrigan
Sean Compton
Blair Harrison, Frequency
The RBR+TVBR/Compulse Webinar – audio version

Hadassa Gerber, TVB
Jim Jachetta, VidOvation
Jim Long, LocalBTV
Rob Deichert, TuneIn
Kurt Heitman
Brad Abrell
Bruce Swail
Dave Otten, JW Player
Caroline Beasley
Marianne Vita, VAB
Dave “Chachi” Denes
Steve Newberry
Joe D’Angelo
Susie Hedrick
Bob Heymann
David Andrews and WIRY-AM
Clark Smidt and WATX-AM
Jesse Foster, Multidyne
Chesley Maddox-Dorsey
Brian Wieser, groupM
Albert Rodriguez, SBS
Dr. Mark Fratrik, BIA
Michael Lee, LPTV Broadcasters Assn.
Lisa Plaggemier, National Cybersecurity Alliance
Anna Ceppi, Edelman
Scott McIntyre, BakerHostetler
Anne Schelle – NEW!
Keith Pelletier – NEW!
Daniel Anstandig
Joe Crowley, musicFIRST
Jimshade Chaudhari, Marketron
Jodi Susman, Penthera
Brian Maloney
David Schutz
Jane Clarke, CIMM
John Moesch
Todd Achilles, EVOCA
Dave Lougee and TEGNA’s Q2 Review
Ed Christian and Saga’s Q2 Review
Charity Holman, WVVA
Keith Wilkes, Employment Attorney
Jeff Jury, Xperi
Rip Daniels
Anne Schelle, Pearl TV

Laurie Kahn, Media Staffing Network
Frank Washington, Crossings TV
Tom Birch
Dick Foreman
Jodi Susman, Penthera
Tom Birch
Justin Nielson, Kagan
Nate Adams, WRSA/Huntsville
Mike Meara
Adam Rymer, Envy Gaming

Michelle Vetterkind, Wisconsin Broadcasters Association


Raoul Wedel

Episode No. 120: Colin Benedict, Morgan Murphy Media

Episode No. 119: Jon Yinger

Episode No. 118: Jay Meyers 

Episode No. 117: Mike Woods, Amagi

Episode No. 116: Gisella Fu-Ripp, LATV (play above!)

Episode No. 115: Bruce Feniger, Pamal

Episode No. 114: Chuck Bergson, Pacific Media Group

Episode No. 113: Tess Erickson, Broadbeam Media

Episode No. 112:Cheryl McHenry, WHIO-7

Episode No. 111: Jesus Salas, SBS

Episode No. 110: Pierre Bouvard, Cumulus/Westwood One

Episode No. 109: Andy Whatley, Instreamatic

Episode No. 108: Rich Stern, TuneIn

Episode No. 107: Sean King, Veritone One

Episode No. 106: Peter Katsingris, Nielsen

Episode No. 105: Steve Walsh, Comscore

Episode No. 104: Jackson Hole Community Radio

Episode No. 103: Tonee Roper, Neuhoff Media

Episode No. 102:  Joanna Drews, HyphaMetrics
Episode No. 101: Jay Prasad, LiveRamp TV

100th Episode!!
Justin Sasso, Colorado Broadcasters Association

Episode No. 99: Greg Guy, Patrick Communications

Episode No. 98: Gordon Borrell

Episode No. 97: Scott Simonelli, Veritonic Inc.

Episode No. 96: Jonathan Little, TroyResearch
Episode No. 95: Robin Szabo, Szabo Associates
Episode No. 94: Steve Jones, Skyview Networks
Episode No. 93: John Morris, WideOrbit
Episode No. 92: Armando Guerrero, Ntooitive
Episode No. 91: Lou Kastler, KNXR-FM
Episode No. 90: Greg Palm, USSI Global
Episode No. 89: Gregg Skall
Episode No. 88: Davina Sashkin, on FCC v. Prometheus Supreme Court oral arguments
Episode No. 87: Joe D’Angelo, Xperi
Episode No. 86: Crossings TV CEO Frank Washington and COO Daniel Sakaya
Episode No. 85: Joel Oxley, WTOP/Washington, D.C.
Episode No. 84: Caroline Beasley
Episode No. 83:  Jordan Rich, veteran Boston Talk host
Episode No. 82: Steve Alexander, WGN Radio
Episode No. 81: Scott Jones, Cumulus Media
Episode No. 80: Anne Schelle, Pearl TV
Episode No. 79: Vincent Letang, MAGNA
Episode No. 78: Former NAB General Counsel Jack Goodman
Episode No. 77: Scott Herman
Episode No. 76: Josh Castro
Episode No. 75: Bill Adee, VSiN
Episode No. 74:  Jerry Rogers, WRHQ
Episode No. 73: Ray Miklius, GatesAir
Episode No. 72: Ken Frierson
Episode No. 71: Sean Compton
Episode No. 70: LoopMe and Election Ad Research
Episode No. 69: David Ayres, Flagler Broadcasting
Episode No. 68: Norberto Sanchez
Episode No. 67: Bob Perry
Episode No. 66: Ron Stone
Episode No. 65: 
RBR+TVBR InFOCUS Podcast: Lyndon Abell
Episode No. 64: Roger Rafson, GEN Media Partners
Episode No. 63: Joe D’Angelo, Xperi
Episode No. 62: Rollye James
Episode No. 61: Steve Sinicropi, Entercom
Episode No. 60: Steve Lanzano, TVB
Episode No. 59: Andrew Curran, DMR/Interactive
Episode No. 58: Bob Proffitt, Alpha Media
Episode No. 57: Julie Hein, KZIA Inc.
Episode No. 56: Bill Bennett, ENCO
Episode No. 55: Donna Bell, Gray Television, Panama City Beach, Fla.
Episode No. 54: RBR+TVBR InFOCUS Podcast: Rich Homberg
Episode No. 53: RBR+TVBR InFOCUS Podcast: Omar Thompson
Episode No. 47: Alan Young, LTN Global
Episode No. 46: Marv Neal, The Urban Heat
Episode No. 45: Larry Lewis, WTZT-TV
Episode No. 44: Sean Beaudoin, Vizzion
Episode No. 43: Kelly Orchard
Episode No. 40: Marketron CEO Jim Howard 
Episode No. 39: Max Kalehoff, Realeyes
Episode No. 38: Brian Jentz, Nielsen
Episode No. 37: Brick Esten, Qligent
Episode No. 36: Jim Winston, NABOB
Episode No. 35: Kevin Cassidy, Strategic Solutions Research

Coronavirus-related podcasts

Episode No. 34: JD Crowley, Entercom
Episode No. 33: Robin Flynn, Kagan
Episode No. 32: Brian Barber, Davis Broadcasting of Atlanta
Episode No. 31: Gordon Smith, NAB
Episode No. 30: Paul Rotella, New Jersey Broadcasters Association
Episode No. 29: Marci Daniels, Nexstar/Lansing, Mich.
Episode No. 28: Michael Carr, ABC30 in Fresno
Episode No. 27: Mark Shecterle, NRG Media/Omaha
Episode No. 26: iSpot.TV SVP of Media Partnerships Stuart Schwartzapfel
Episode No. 25: Jim Coloff, Coloff Media
Episode No. 24: Jim Kalmenson, Lotus Communications
Episode No. 23: Keith Pelletier, Dielectric
Episode No. 22: Adriana Waterston, Horowitz Research
Episode No. 21: Lou McDermott, Kalil & Co.
Episode No. 20: Bill Christian, Vision Communications
Episode No. 19: ENGINE Global Chief Commercial Officer Scott Schiller
Episode No. 18: Wisconsin Broadcasters Association President/CEO Michelle Vetterkind
Episode No. 17: David Donovan, New York State Broadcasters Association
Episode No. 16: Lost Coast Communications GM Bill Prescott
Episode No. 15: DuJuan McCoy, Circle City Broadcasting
Episode No. 14: Gideon Stein, Write Label
Episode No. 13: Jeff Smulyan, Emmis Communications
Episode No. 12: Erik Schrader, WOIO & WUAB in Cleveland, Gray Television
Episode No. 11: John Garziglia, Womble Bond Dickinson
Episode No. 10: News Director Mitch Jacob and VP/GM René LaSpina, WSMV-4 in Nashville, Meredith Corp.
Episode No. 9: Mike Fass, Gray Television
Episode No. 8: James Rose, KING & KONG Television in Seattle, TEGNA
Episode No. 7: Eddie Esserman, Media Services Group
Episode No. 6: Bob Heymann, Media Services Group
Episode No. 5: Carolyn Mungo, WFAA-8 in Dallas, TEGNA
Episode No. 4: Michael Valentine, WUSA-9 in Washington, D.C., TEGNA
Episode No. 3Hawaii News Now GM Katie Pickman, Gray Television
Episode No. 2Tod Smith, WWL-TV in New Orleans, TEGNA
Episode No. 1: Patrick McCreery, Meredith Local Media Group

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