Don’t Blame The Commission

For well over 50 years, featured Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner has communicated directly with the FCC on what he calls a "friendly good faith basis, with never a problem" He's asked them for suggestions. They've asked Benner for propositions and recommendations. Such communication has led to what he considers "significant common-sense changes" on more than occasion, he writes. Unfortunately, there's another enabler at play. That would be Congress.

The ‘Broadcast Deal Myths Debunked’ Podcast: Episode 10

Doug Ferber of DEFcom Advisors LLC and Erwin Krasnow of Garvey Schubert Barer have created a special podcast series exclusively for RBR+TVBR members based on a series of articles centered on the topic “Broadcast Deal Myths Debunked.” In this 10th and final podcast in this series, Ferber and Krasnow discuss "Murphy's Law" and "The Greater Fool Theory." In short, they do not apply to broadcast deals.
Group of People

How To Be Customer First in The Digital Age

Prashant Gandhi, a former partner at McKinsey, presently serves as the Managing Director/Head of Digital Payments at JPMorgan Chase & Company. Gandhi penned a thought leadership piece on the things brands need to answer in order to be successful with a "customer first approach." Can radio and TV C-Suite executives glean any insight from this Gandhi's thoughts?

‘Fake News’ Isn’t On The Radio: It’s About Radio

A NuVoodoo Media Services study released this week debunks any thought that AM and FM radio stations are receptacles of "fake news." That's the stuff of TV and websites. But, there is some "fake news" out there that concerns radio, and RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson has something to say about it.

Walmart’s Journey To Transform Its Partners, Programs and People

Tony Rogers is a white guy, raised in Texas in the 1970s and 1980s. He's a son, brother, husband, and uncle. He's also a master of attracting multicultural consumers, as SVP/CMO for Walmart. Rogers could also be you, and all it takes is moving on a path that combines both a rational and emotional perspective on consumer attraction — it's a route that uses the name of a popular band at many a radio station today: The Head and the Heart.

What Broadcast Media Can Learn From Multicultural Marketers

Picture this: You are the steward of a 70-year-old brand. This brand's success is bigger than ever, with a more than 40% market share. No, we're not talking about a big News/Talk radio station on the AM dial. But, we should be, based on what was delivered Monday morning in a powerful Keynote Address at the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference from P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard.

The ‘Broadcast Deal Myths Debunked’ Podcast: Episode 9

Doug Ferber of DEFcom Advisors LLC and Erwin Krasnow of Garvey Schubert Barer have created a special podcast series exclusively for RBR+TVBR members based on a series of articles centered on the topic “Broadcast Deal Myths Debunked.” In this ninth podcast installment, Ferber and Krasnow discuss the myth that one should avoid deal intermediaries.

A ‘Spectacular’ Q3 For Your Top Revenue Competitor

One company Wednesday reported "spectacular" Q3 2017 earnings results. It's a big company that you compete with. This company enjoyed revenue growth of 47% and ad revenue growth of 43%. But, something's troubling this giant in 2018, says prolific Wall Street investment professional Brian Wieser, Senior Research Analyst – Advertising at Pivotal Research Group. What's the issue? What does it mean for you? We let Wieser share, in his own words, how Facebook will be slightly hampered by issues you should be selling potential clients against.

Is Pizza More Important Than Privacy?

A new paper is generating headlines because it claims that college students value pizza more than their friends' privacy, but the authors are wrong, says Mark Jamison, a visiting Fellow with the American Enterprise Institute’s Center for Internet, Communication, and Technology. What does their research really show? People might be willing to be helpful if they are paid. This could prove interesting for research-minded media industry C-Suiters.

A First Look At The New NAB Engineering Handbook

The 11th Edition of the NAB Engineering Handbook is now available to radio stations across the U.S., and we received a copy. Who better than to peruse it and offer some first thoughts on the latest edition of this essential tome than Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner. We handed the keys to the RBR+TVBR Reading Room and Library to Benner, and he's filed his first report on what's inside the big, heavy book.
Brian Wieser

The Continuing Dip In Cable Network UEs, As Viewed By Wieser

Nielsen today published its November 2017 cable network Universe Estimates, which indicated an ongoing – and likely worsening – decline in traditional pay TV network penetration rates, led by lower traditional MVPD subscription levels. Brian Wieser, Senior Research Analyst of Advertising at Pivotal Research Group, put on his stethoscope and grabbed a magnifying glass as he perused the latest data and offered his thoughts on the new UEs. His conclusion is right here.

The ‘Broadcast Deal Myths Debunked’ Podcast: Episode 8

Doug Ferber of DEFcom Advisors LLC and Erwin Krasnow of Garvey Schubert Barer have created a special podcast series exclusively for RBR+TVBR members based on a series of articles centered on the topic “Broadcast Deal Myths Debunked.” In this eighth podcast installment, Ferber and Krasnow discuss the belief among some that they can bank on 100% leveraged purchases.

Why ‘Live Day’ Can Aid Your Stations In Myriad Ways

Here's something that's cool, and definitely establishes Radio as the one media that can truly connect with local listeners in ways Spotify, Pandora, and even TV stations and newspapers can't do. It's all about going live -- and that includes all on-air elements, including commercials. Entercom is the company behind this "more than just a stunt" opportunity — and it's something that could get your stations get noticed, and more listener love, too.
ATA / American Television Alliance

Why Cable TV Companies Don’t Want To Pay For ATSC 3.0

If you thought the war of words between multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDS) and TV broadcasters over retransmission fee agreements gone bad was fierce, wait until you see what the cable companies and their chief lobbying groups have cooked up now, says Radio + Television Business Report Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson, who pens this Media Information Bureau column dedicated to the next-generation TV standard. While it's being heralded as a huge technological advancement and money maker for broadcast TV companies, it's becoming clear to Jacobson that cable TV's vast empire of providers simply don't want to pay for progress

Items Found Along The ‘Mock’ Inspection Trail

Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner is back with an essay that recalls his inspection of a tiny noncommercial radio station that aired a resounding rendition of The Star Spangled Banner every day at Noon. The reason why raised some questions regarding station funding, and thus the station's Public File. Here's the story, which might apply to your own station or one in your market.

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