Translator Tune-Ups Requested From The FCC

Three separate groups have asked the FCC to tweak their respective FM translators, so as to diminish interference from fully licensed co-channel FM stations. One of these owners is The Walt Disney Co. The other is a company that was forced to shut down a controversial translator in the Raleigh-Durham area, which made Lakes Media Network owner Tom Birch very, very happy.

Confirmed: 16 Stations Selected For CBS Radio-Entercom Spin Cycle

Until 2:45pm Pacific on Tuesday, all was mum regarding the status of the required divestitures from CBS Radio's Reverse Morris Trust-fueled merger with Entercom. That silence was broken in a big way by way of a staff e-mail from CBS Radio President/CEO Andre Fernandez. He spilled the beans that an additional 16 stations are being sold, and he shared exactly what those stations are.

‘The Breeze’ Blows Toward A Galaxie

A Class D AM serving the Sheboygan, Wisc., area is being sold by a religious non-profit corporation to a commercially licensed local broadcaster. It's the top deal featured in RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY.

A Top D.C. Station Sells A Simulcast Partner

Three years ago, American University's NPR member station in Washington, D.C., closed on its acquisition of a station in Virginia that would serve as a simulcast partner, bringing its coverage to an ever-expanding region south of Quantico. Now, the school in Northwest Washington is retreating from the Old Dominion.

A Big Wine Country Talker Secures Another Translator

In this day and age, having some "AM revitalization" with an FM signal -- especially in this tech savvy region -- is likely a bigger draw for consumers and the companies wishing to build their sales with this audience than a huge kHz signal. That's why an AM in Santa Rosa, in the heart of Sonoma County, is adding a translator 17 miles to the south in a town where actress Winona Ryder grew up.

This Miami ‘Zombie’ TV Station Is No ‘WIMP’ For PBS

A Channel-Sharing Agreement for a Class A television station licensed to Miami, Fla., that's going away thanks to the FCC's Incentive Auction has been donated to the entity in control of two large PBS member stations serving South Florida.

Kagan Uncorks Data On A Tepid Q3 For Media Deals

There's no getting around this bruising bit of data from S&P Global Market Intelligence-owned media research group Kagan: U.S. broadcast station mergers and acquisitions volume reached $189.6 million in Q3 2017. This is the lowest quarterly deal volume of the year. But, the previous two quarters were skewed by two billion-dollar deals.

Savannah Indy Sale Comes Via Bankruptcy Court Bid

In an update to a television station sale originally reported Sept. 26 by RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY, a Savannah-market station is trading hands. It is now known that two translator stations are included in the deal — and the buyer is getting the properties thanks to a top bid in a U.S. Bankruptcy Court auction precipitated by the seller's Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Another Television CSA Gets Traded

In the final days of August, the parent company of a home shopping channel agreed to sell its full-power digital TV station serving Boston. At the same time, a channel-sharing agreement (CSA) was forged by the buyer to allow a company that collected millions in the recently concluded FCC incentive auction to use one-third of this digital station's spectrum. The asset purchase agreement and CSA recitals have finally found their way to the FCC via a Form 314 filing made today, with Media Venture Partners serving as the exclusive broker.

EMF Sells An Indiana ‘A’ To A Local Broadcaster

It's not often that Educational Media Foundation decides to sell a radio station, given its ravenous appetite for expansion opportunities for its Christian Contemporary Music KLOVE and Air1 noncommercial formats. Yet, EMF is selling a Class A in the Lafayette, Ind., market, and the buyer is howlingly happy about the deal.

Hearst Snags CSA Deal For ‘Triad 20’

The trading of Channel Sharing Arrangements secured by companies that shed their broadcast TV stations in the FCC's recently concluded incentive auction just may be the next big boost for media brokers eager to buy and sell, and collect their commissions. The latest "CSA" to be dealt involves an affiliate of The CW that fetched $105,731,122 and is now dealing its post-auction channel sharing to Hearst Television.

A ’13G’ Deal Is Done in The Upper Great Plains

A Class A FM straddling the North Dakota-Minnesota border and its Class C AM sibling have been sold to a "13G" local buyer. But, the buyer and the seller aren't exactly unfamiliar with one another: They are both members of the Ingstad family. It's the lead deal in RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY.

KIMM, KZEZ Trade Hands; Price Reveal For KTXD

A Class D AM in Rapid City, South Dakota, with an FM translator is being sold. At the same time, an unbuilt AM that is scheduled to get an FM translator through the FCC's just-completed Auction 99 is trading hands in Southern Utah. We've also got a price on a Big D TV deal that RBR+TVBR first reported Sept. 28.

‘La Campesina’ Cousin Shepherds An Arizona Combo

A Class C FM that's reducing power in order to move closer to the Phoenix area is being sold along with its Class C AM sister and an FM translator serving a picturesque region of Arizona some 90 minutes north of the Valley of the Sun. The buyer is a new FCC licensee, but is no stranger to radio station ownership: It controls the regional Mexican noncomm network tied to the Cesar Chavez Foundation. The seller was represented by Kalil & Co. of Tucson.

A Small Texas Town Gets Its First FM

The town of Muleshoe, Tex., with a population of 5,100, largely relies on FM radio stations from Clovis, N. Mex., some 35 minutes to the west, in a different time zone. That's about to change, as a new FM station has been authorized for the community. This future station is trading hands, and it's our featured deal in RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY.

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