Magna: The Aging Audience For Live Sports

Here's a statistic broadcast TV stations heavily invested in live sports play-by-play may not like to digest: Your audience has not only a touch of grey, but it's becoming a Silver Convention. That's according to newly released data from Magna Global.

Take Two For Meruelo and Hero For L.A.-Market CSA

Some 3 1/2 months after the Bob Behar-led Hero Licenseco backed out of a multi million-dollar deal trading its post-Spectrum Auction Channel-sharing Agreement to a fast-growing media company based in Los Angeles, it appears that the deal is back on. According to a Form 314 filing with the FCC, this "zombie station" will indeed soon become a video service sibling to such iconic radio brands as "Power 106" and KDAY.

A Sinclair Sales Vet Set To Fly In Dayton

In January, Sinclair Broadcast Group named a new Director of Sales for its three TV stations in Columbus, Ohio. Just nine months later, Sinclair has given birth to a new position for this company vet: oversight for the company's Dayton operation some 90 minutes to the west.

A KNBC News Pro Ascends To Top NBC SFO Post

In a statement as to the value of its O&O's local news operations, NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations has just promoted the Asst. News Director of KNBC-4 in Los Angeles to the role of President/GM of its two stations in the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose market.

The Skinny On ‘Skinny Bundles’ Shared At Communacopia

A presentation devoted to "cord-cutting" was delivered to the Wall Street investment community on Thursday as part of the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference, with Mike Vorhaus, Los Angeles-based President of Magid Advisors, sharing some data about the rising embrace of SVOD services. The data are sobering reminders for broadcast TV's C-Suite that local news and original programming may be its final saving grace.

RBR+TVBR INFOCUS: vCreative Revs Up Expansion To TV

After more than a decade of providing cloud-based ad management technology to radio broadcasting companies, vCreative is nearing the launch of a similar platform for broadcast TV stations. The company's founder, Jinny Laderer, shared her thoughts on ad scheduling and how it can still get fouled up. It's why she's convinced TV can benefit from the tool she developed with her husband in the early 2000s, and we're pleased to offer this post-Irma encore for the benefit of all RBR+TVBR readers.

CBS Stock Swoons As Moonves Bets On NFL Games

With a declaration that he's not concerned about ratings for 2017-18 National Football League telecasts, CBS Corp. Chairman/CEO Les Moonves doubled down on his company's sports delivery mission by saying his network will focus on news and scores and not on analyst discussion and debate with the launch of a sports-focused OTT service. Investors yawned, and sold off their CBS shares.

Public TV Stations Launch ATSC 3.0-Focused Coalition

A coalition of public media TV stations has been formed, with its key objective forming an effective conversion plan of Public Media Company stations to "next-gen TV" — otherwise known as ATSC 3.0. The newly launched Public Media Venture Group will assist these noncomm TV stations in building and the development of new next generation operating models to expand local public service, and is being projected to increase and diversify station revenue through expanded service.

Are Young Adults Wrecking The TV Business?

Sure, there's a lot of reports out there, sponsored by digital media denizens, that seek to paint a bleak picture for MVPDs and broadcast TV's C-Suite by suggesting "cord-cutting" and digital delivery of video entertainment is more apparent than ever. The latest report comes from Pew Research Center, however, and its findings regarding how young adults are consuming television programming need to be read — and fully digested — by every broadcast media executive today.

UTA Selects A New News and Broadcasting Head

A veteran television news agent whose resume includes roles at ESPN and CBS Radio's WFAN-AM 660 in New York has been selected as the new Head of UTA News and Broadcasting at United Talent Agency (UTA). This begins what UTA and its N.S. Bienstock arm are calling "a transition in leadership from legendary news agents Richard Leibner and Carole Cooper, who continue in active leadership roles representing many of UTA’s ... news and broadcasting clients."

TVB: Local TV The ‘Overwhelming’ Irma News Choice

When it came time to prepare for one of the biggest and most dangerous hurricanes to ever make landfall in the mainland U.S., there was one "overwhelming" choice when it came to news and information before, during, and after the storm. No, it wasn't radio.

Even Natural Disasters Can’t Stem TV Ad Spending Slide

Local TV has gotten its fair share of praise from across the broadcast media industry in the last few weeks thanks to storm coverage in four impacted markets. Unfortunately, advertisers are continuing to place their dollars elsewhere. That's the conclusion from eMarketer, which predicts that TV's percentage of total media ad spending is in for considerable dips over the next five years.

NAB Aims To Explain TV Repack Process To America

How can a broadcast television C-Suite executive best explain the post-Spectrum Auction TV repack process to Telly Watcher? They can direct them to a brand-new website created by the NAB to best inform Americans on how they can continue to receive their local broadcast TV stations during the incentive auction repack process. We've got some thoughts, too, and it's in an RBR+TVBR Observation just for members.

Media Bureau Decides Cable One Must-Carry Dispute

The FCC's Media Bureau has handed down a memorandum opinion and order regarding a dispute between Ellington Broadcasting and MVPD entity Cable One over the latter's decision not to air two low-power TV stations serving two small cities in Mississippi. The decision is a victory ... for both parties, in a sense. We've broken it down for you.

Here’s Jay Newman’s Successor At WJZ

At month's end, Jay Newman will be retiring as VP/GM of CBS O&O WJZ-13 in Baltimore, ending a tenure that began in November 1998 following a four-year stint in a similar role at WWJ-62 in Detroit. The station has just revealed who is stepping in following Newman's retirement, and it is an individual who has been with Sinclair Broadcast Group since October 2000 and began her 17-year run with Sinclair in Baltimore.

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