Carr Officially Drives In To FCC

The FCC is once again a Federal agency with four Commissioners and its Chairman. While Jessica Rosenworcel was effectively reappointed, bringing the Democrat back to the Commission after a seven-month absence, today marked the start of what will be a lengthy tenure as a Commissioner for Republican Brendan Carr. 

Brooklyn Broadcasting Bum: NUO To Latest NYC Pirate

The flurry of Notice of Unlicensed Operation issuances from the FCC continued Thursday, as the Enforcement Bureau served notice to an individual in Brooklyn that his pirate radio station is subject to a potential forfeiture.

FCC TODAY: Youngers NOV, More Fla. Pirates

The licensee of an FM translator in Atlanta has received a Notice of Violation from the FCC. It's not for its broadcasts on its assigned frequency. Instead, it's for broadcasts that put planes at risk. Meanwhile, there are two more Notice of Unlicensed Operations issuances to report. Not surprisingly, one involves a follow-up to the pirate broadcasts shared with the FCC by RBR+TVBR's very own editor-in-chief.

Millions Of Dollars, To The ‘D.C. Kleptocracy’

The following column, and rant, is to remain in the public domain. It's a call to action against the one Federal agency most dependent on you for its day-to-day dollars: The FCC. Who else but Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner could say it better?

Pai Picks His No. 2 In Legislative Affairs

An individual who since 2010 has served as an associate director and senior legislative analyst in the FCC's Office of Legislative Affairs has just been chosen to serve as the office's Deputy Director.

RBR+TVBR Helps FCC Serve NUO To Neighborhood Pirate

Albo Investments has been handed a Notice of Unlicensed Operation for pirate radio broadcasts that prevented radio listeners — including RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson — from receiving local Jazz noncomm WDNA-FM 88.9 in Miami while driving through downtown Hollywood, Fla. The NUO comes after Jacobson on May 3 tweeted a video of the pirate's signal and tagged the FCC and Chairman Ajit Pai, and avid Tweeter.

This Brand-New FM Bumps ‘AM Revitalization’ In Florida

Attention, Northwest Florida radio listeners. You are about to witness the birth of a brand-new radio station. As a result, you are about to witness the death of an FM translator presently using the signal to bring "AM revitalization" to an Urban AC. That's because a full-service station on that frequency is being added to the FCC's FM Table of Allotments.

Here’s What The MMTC Says On Media Reg Modernization

The Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council (MMTC) this week filed reply comments with the FCC to its "modernization of media regulation initiative." Co-authored by President/CEO Kim Keenan and President Emeritus and Senior Advisor David Honig, MMTC outlines seven priorities the Commission should take when proceeding with its plans.

Defining The ‘CTCSRPAB’

What the heck is 'CTCSRPAB'?? For one, it has nothing to do with the CRTC, Canada's equivalent of the FCC. However, it has everything to with the FCC and how to avoid a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture. Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner explains what that acronym stands for in this column, which results from a request from an RBR+TVBR Member.
SBG / Sinclair Broadcast Group

A Flurry Of Anti-Sinclair/Tribune Media Filings

The FCC is sticking with its timetable for public comments, reply comments, and responses to reply comments regarding the blockbuster Sinclair-Tribune Media merger. More time was requested by DISH Network, the American Cable Association (ACA), and Public Knowledge, who are waging a collective fight to stop the merger. A Monday press call will formally announce their FCC filings in opposition to the proposed deal, and local news is a big reason fueling their battle.
U.S. Congress

Is ‘Fair Play’ On Path To Fade Out?

Legislation introduced March 30 by Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) that would require AM and FM radio stations that play copyrighted sound recordings to pay royalties for the non-digital audio transmissions of the recordings has picked up another supporter in Congress. But, is the bill inching toward the ether? Is bipartisan opposition on both sides of Capitol Hill — backed by the NAB — too great to overcome? That's what it looks like.

This NYC DMA TV Station Gets ‘E/I’ Decree From FCC

The FCC on Wednesday entered into a Consent Decree with Mountain Broadcasting Corp. that resolves issues tied to the license renewal application of the company's full-power UHF station serving the New York Tri-State Area. The agreement was struck after the station was found to be deficient in its failure to display the "E/I" symbol throughout the duration of all educational programming.

Confirmed! Rosenworcel Returns, Carr Drives In To FCC

The U.S. Senate on Thursday officially brought the FCC back to four Commissioners while ensuring Ajit Pai remains Chairman. Pai congratulated Rosenworcel on her reappointment as a Democratic Commissioner, and applauded Carr's arrival at the FCC.

Could Randy Michaels Lose An FM’s License?

The FCC on Thursday adopted a hearing designation order pertaining to an FM radio station in north-central Michigan to determine whether the station's license renewal application should be granted. The station has operated just one day a year since it was initially licensed in 2010, most recently on Oct. 17, 2016. It's owned by Radioactive LLC, led by the flamboyant former CEO of Tribune Co., Clear Channel and Jacor Communications.

FM Translator Filing Window For AMs Is Now Closed

The first filing window for AM broadcasters to obtain new FM translator stations officially closed yesterday, concluding another chapter in the FCC's ongoing efforts to revitalize AM radio. According to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, more than 1,000 AM stations took advantage of it.

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