Five Tips in Building a Personal Brand in your Media Career


Michael RuddBy Mike Rudd, Sports Marketing Specialist

I’ll be speaking next month to a large group from all over the country of radio sales people, programmers, and managers on helping them build a personal brand.  It has done wonders for me in taking my career to the next level.

Here are five tips I learned after launching my Personal Brand I wish I knew before I did!  I hope they help you jumpstart your journey in creating separation points from the competition in your career.

1) Decide on a niche target of who you want to help and start there. 

(I chose “marketing”.  It’s extremely difficult to just write and create content and value about “marketing” in my eyes.  It’s too broad and my writing was all over the place.  Now my focus is on helping companies or individuals build out and market their community project or idea and turn it into a reality.)

2) The more creative, funny, and authentic f that you are the more people will entertain the chance to hear what you have to say. 

(I didn’t do it on purpose but I was stuffy and serious when I created Marketing Fun With Mike.

Guess what? Fun marketing isn’t supposed to be stuffy and serious!  So I created things like “31 ways to say Hot Dog in 31 countries” for national Hot Dog Month (It’s July if you are curious.)  Then I built the top 20 “Salesy” movie characters of all time list and the “Not as Easy as Ketchup or Mustard Question of the Week.”  You have no limitations and you can be as imaginative as you want.  Let your creativity run wild!)

3) Movements do happen. 

(But we often don’t tell the story of the work, dedication, and toil behind them before it became a movement.  There are no overnight successes.  Work at it relentlessly.)

4) On the same token…the best way to ensure your success is to take one small step every day instead of one BIG step once a week. 

(Do one thing towards the creation and implementation of your personal brand every single day no matter how small and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it comes together.)

5) You can make it whatever you want. 

(Don’t try to conform to what you think your clients or prospects want.  It needs to be the raw YOU, completely 100% YOU, and all authentic YOU.

As long as you create value, are kind, and dedicated it can be whatever you want it to be!)

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Carpe Diem!

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