FM on cell: Houston, we have a prognosis


Bill-TatarAnd the prognosis is good! Cox Media Group has been using NextRadio in Houston, and has some information to share. Bill Tatar says it’s a big deal, it’s cool, and it’s easy to set up and maintain. So what’s not to love?

FM on cell: Another first-person account
NextRadio Houston
By Bill Tatar, Cox Media Group

Radio has been fortunate over the years to be a part of the ever changing landscape of technology. We will always have our place on the traditional dial but we have also found a new home on the digital dashboards of cars, on website homepages to stream, on our own Apple and Android Apps and now FM Radio on dedicated mobile platforms like NextRadio.

NextRadio was a breeze to set up for each of our stations and maintaining them is just as easy. There are so many wonderful features for the end user (our listeners) on NextRadio that once is up and running on your phone, there is seemingly no place you can’t take your favorite radio station.

FM Radio on your mobile phone is truly a big deal. Your favorite radio station is a very personal thing. It’s your music, your hometown with personalities that you know. Before NextRadio having access to FM radio on your cellular phone was not possible. Eating into your data plan to stream was your only choice. Now, radio is free again, the way it should be. It’s a wonderful thing and we are so happy to be a part of it.

There are some really cool features that we have taken advantage of. The one that I really like is the ability to add artwork to the display when a promo shows up in a stopset. We have used this for concerts and big promotions that we are running recorded promos for. When the promo plays on the air, on NextRadio it will cue a graphic where you can provide more info and an image to go with your promotion.

Another great feature is when your talent is on the air, you can control the image your listeners see and you can change it out as often as you like. Special themed weekend, have them all pose for pictures, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so maybe get them all dressed in pink. It’s a feature app and the web streams just don’t have.

More and more people are accessing radio on their mobile devices, we need continue to be on every platform we can be. It’s an exciting time for the industry to be on the forefront of technology and having the ability to control our destiny. NextRadio is one of those tools to help live radio survive and thrive.

Bill Tater is Digital Content Manager for KKBQ Houston with Cox Media Group.