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ryan dohrnIn nearly all email programs there is the option to add a signature to the end of your email.  Some of you may not be aware that you can create and edit multiple signatures within your email program.  This allows you the ability to create common sales templates within your email program giving you quick access to them in a single click. 

Time management experts tell us that using templates can save us over 120 hours per year.  120 hours!  What? No way!  Yes, it is true.  Over the last six months I have tracked time saved using this method and I was astonished how much time I saved.  Each email you write, no matter how common a them can take you 5-10 minutes.  So, every time I used a template I placed a check next to my 5 or 10 minute list.  In one week I saved myself 4 hours!

The key to creating good sales templates is asking yourself this question, “What are the ten most common questions I get via email?”.  Be honest, there are not that many new media sales questions.  Here are a few examples, “Can you send me your media kit?”, “Can you tell me about your prices?”, “What is my deadline for that ad?”.  Keep track of questions during this next week of work.  When you answer the question well, copy and paste it into a template within the signature file in your email program.  If your email program does not support multiple email signatures than create a text file on your desktop for the templates.  DO NOT keep emails in your “drafts” folder.  This takes far to long compared to the signature file.

If you are using my Big 50 Prospecting Plan you know that we use five to ten templates for emails and voice mails.  These templates should also be in your signature tool.  For example, “Hi Bob.  I saw online that you are promoting X this month. I have an idea on how I could put X in front of 25,000 potential customers in the next 30 days.  I promise not to waste your time.  Can we chat for 5 minutes about X?  I promise only 5 minutes.”

If you recognize that every key stroke costs you time, then you will recognize that saving time happens one click at a time.

Never forget, if ad sales was easy everyone would be doing it.


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