Why Next Auction Deadline is Critical


FCC2014Broadcast owners have another spectrum auction deadline to meet.

Some of those who applied to take part in the auction are receiving letters from the commission letting them know if their application is missing information or not right in some other way.

And fixing the problems is not simple, we hear.

Owners have until Feb. 26 to re-submit their applications to correct the problems — online.

One communications attorney tells RBR+TVBR in an interview there’s lots of confusion about the forms and how to fix them. For example, some owners who did not need to submit information about disclosable ownership interests “made a mistake and improperly submitted a channel-sharing agreement.”

“The application is simple but understanding what was meant by some of the questions was not,” this attorney tells us. “Some owners may have checked the wrong box” and while you can edit the application and re-submit that, because of the commission’s software you can’t just click the other box.” These owners must submit a certified attachment to the corrections and re-submit the document. (A certification is like a declaration where you basically say “I submit this under penalty of perjury.)

Late resubmissions will be rejected and if your application is determined to be missing some vital information after the deadline, you won’t be able to commit to that station and therefore can’t be qualified to bid in the reverse auction.