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Volume 26, Issue 166, Jim Carnegie, Editor & Publisher
Wednesday Morning August 26th, 2009

Savage: Deadline set
for Jacqui Smith apology

A letter from Talk Radio Networks' Michael Savage's attorney to former British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has been sent, demanding an apology or a defamation suit will be filed against both her and the UK Government. The deadline is 9/1. RBR/TVBR spoke to Dr. Savage, who also told us the plot has thickened...

RCA's Gray says yay for radio
Even while the music industry is busy trying to pretend that radio is no longer relevant to selling their product, one of their own key executives has gone on record saying that airplay is critical to the recording industry's success. The exec is RCA Records Senior Vice President of Pop Promotion Peter Gray.

RBR observation: It was just a few years ago when the trades were full of the New York pay-for-play scandal, which roped in many of the biggest radio groups and recording companies. Dubious though the charges were, the bottom line is that the dollars involved testified more strongly than words ever could just how greatly modern recording companies value airplay.

Cash for Clunkers Jr.: A sequel of sorts
Another piece of stimulus is being aimed at retailers (and manufacturers), and that should be good news for broadcasters. Coming later this fall: A $300M government program to encourage the sale of energy-efficient appliances in exchange for juice-guzzling clunkers.

RBR observation: This program will at least bring a new category of advertiser out of hiding, and consumers may be more receptive than some observers think. Take us, the not so proud owners of a dishwetter. Click the headline to read more.

Political business quiet but not dormant
A candidate in the odd-year 2009 race for Governor of Virginia has provided a perfect example of how radio can be an effective political tool; and an early ad aimed at the 2010 South Carolina race underscores how television can be quietly effective.

RBR observation: A candidate is a brand, and there is no reason that the same subtle and effective strategizing used by these two campaigns won't work for any other brand somebody is trying to sell. Operators, don't just sell spots - help a candidate - or business -- effectively use your station and move them up to client status.


Research and Marketing
BIGresearch: A look at August
Consumer Intentions & Actions

BIGresearch and RBR/TVBR recently presented our first joint monthly webinar that highlighted fresh consumer insights from BIG's August '09 Consumer Intentions & Actions(tm) Survey of 8,000+ consumers. For this installment, we deliver details on how consumers really feel about proposed healthcare reform; Back to School (BTS) shopping; whether consumers plan on spending more, the same or less on a variety of items over the next 90 days and more.

RBR observation: Like RBR/TVBR's Weekend Report detailed, one of the biggest takeaways in this study (and others from BIG) is that while we keep hearing that traditional media like radio and television are losing their punch to the internet, when you ASK the consumer which media will most influence them for purchase intentions, radio and television rise to the top of the list.


TBWA\Chiat\Day names new Executive Director of Planning
TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles announced the appointment of Dan Goldstein as Executive Director of Planning. Goldstein was previously Deputy Planning Director for the agency. Goldstein will be responsible for leading the department of over 35 planners and will actively work with Bianchi to further develop and drive TBWA's Disruption philosophy and Media Arts practice.


Schurz wiggles out of Weigle deal
A triple LPTV deal in the small South Bend-Elkhart IN DMA would have added to Schurz Communications' already impressive collection of traditional media properties. But after a year with no FCC action, Schurz is stepping away. The cluster already has a full power CBS affiliated television stations, and AM-FM radio combo and a daily newspaper.

RBR observation: It wouldn't have come as a shock it the FCC had given it a thumbs down. As it is, by not going public with a ruling for a year, the Commission in effect utilized a pocket veto.

$350K WPYR-AM Baton Rouge LA from Davidson Media Station WPYR Licensee LLC, a subsidiary of Davidson Media Group LLC (Felix L. Perez) to Catholic Community Radio Inc. (David Dawson, John Hebert, Michael Norwood). $12.5K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Buyer is noncommercial entity. [FCC file date 8/3/09]

$190K WYNR-AM Louisburg NC from New Century Media Group LLC (Donald W. Curtis) to Johnson Broadcast Ventures Ltd. (Jimmy Johnson). $5K earnest money, $354K cash at closing, $150K note. [FCC file date 7/31/09]


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FTC gears up for journalism confab
The Federal Trade Commission is teeing up a comprehensive, no-holds-barred two day session on the pitiful state of modern journalism 12/1-2/09. Called "From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?" The event will feature workshops that "will bring competition, consumer protection, and First Amendment perspectives to bear on the financial, technological, and other challenges facing the news industry..." brought about largely by the availability of free info on the internet.

RBR observation: Every media company with a journalism shop in America, indeed in the world, has been trying to solve this problem for several years now. Do you have any confidence that the FTC will do it in two days? We don't - but it probably won't hurt to get stakeholders together and take an organized stab at it.

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KCRW Launches New Online Music Channel Eclectic24
On Labor Day, 9/7, KCRW-FM LA will launch Eclectic24 -- a new, online, all-music channel blending the collected talents and tastes of all the station's DJs into a single voice streaming 24 hours a day. After the Labor Day premiere, Eclectic24 will be available online, all the time.


"Don Cheto" adds affils in San Diego, Denver
Liberman Broadcasting announced that its No. 1 rated Hispanic morning drive radio program, "El Show de Don Cheto," has been added to two radio stations: San Diego: Grupo Uniradio Corp.'s La Invasora XHTY, 99.7 FM; and Denver: Latino Communications' Que Bueno KBNO, 1280 AM


Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index bounces back
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had retreated in July, rebounded in August. The Index now stands at 54.1 (1985=100), up from 47.4 in July. The Present Situation Index increased slightly to 24.9 from 23.3 last month. The Expectations Index improved to 73.5 from 63.4 in July.


Westwood One moving on stock sale
Now that the 1-for-200 reverse split has been completed, Westwood One has filed an update for its proposed sale of $50 million in stock. There are, however, many blanks which still have to be filled in for the public stock sale to take place.

RBR observation: The good news for Westwood One shareholders is that the stock price has stabilized since the reverse split and is staying out of penny stock territory. Adjusted for the reverse split, the 52-week high was $210, but that's ancient history. Following the freefall of the past year, the stock is now building a floor in the $7-8 area.

Liberty sticks with Sirius XM
Sirius XM completed its sale of $257 million in 9.75% senior secured notes due 2015, with the proceeds used to repay a $250 million term loan to Liberty Media. However, an SEC filing by Sirius XM notes that Liberty itself bought $50 million of the new notes, so it is not pulling back as much cash as it could have from the satellite radio company.

Doing a Bernanke bounce
Wall Street liked President Obama's nomination of Ben Bernanke to another four years as Fed Chairman. And there was also encouraging news from the Conference Board, whose Consumer Confidence Index went up. So, stock prices went up. The Dow Industrials rose 30 points, or 0.3%, to 9,539.

Radio stocks went along for the ride. The RBR Radio Index gained 6.989, or 7.3%, to 103.125. That's right, the index is now back above its starting point of 100 set December 29, 1995, the last trading day of that year. It's the first time the index has been above 100 since December 2007.

As for Tuesday's big gainers: Emmis gained 23.1, Salem 16.7%, Beasley 15.9% and Radio One 10.8%.

Here's how stocks fared on Tuesday





















Journal Comm.







Lincoln Natl.





Radio One, Cl. A




CC Media*




Radio One, Cl. D*












Debut Bcg.




Saga Commun.*








Salem Comm.*








Sirius XM








Spanish Bcg.*








Westwood One




*Component of the RBR Radio Index

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Advertisers and free speech
A reader has some thoughts that bear on the recent Glenn Beck situation.

To the Editor:
The right and freedom granted by the First Amendment as "Freedom of Speech" does not demean the right to advertise or not on that which, by freedom of choice, we do not wish to be subjected, especially if we disagree a particular point of view...

| Read full comment here |

Joe Benson
Paso Robles, CA

Below the Fold

Media, Markets & Money
Schurz wiggles out of Weigle deal

Due to lack of no FCC action

Business Report

FTC gears up

For journalism confab no-holds-barred 2 day session

Wall Street Business Report
Westwood One

Moving on stock sale, good news stock price has stabilized

More News Headlines

Burglar hits SLC community station
Police in Salt Lake City are looking for a man who burglarized Utah Free Media, a local Internet radio station, over the weekend. The station is still operating and we know the burglar was a man because he gave the security camera a good, full-face view.

Atlanta honors its radio and TV ad stars
Some names you know are among those honored with 2009 Lifetime Achievement Awards by the Atlanta Broadcast Advertising Club (ABAC). In fact, you may have forgotten that some had roots in the Georgia capital.

Cable, radio agree:
Health is #1

The health care debate was the second ranked story for newspaper and online editors, but it was the tunnel-vision #1 for cable and radio wasn't far behind, putting it well ahead of the economic crisis and Afghanistan in the news focus for the week of 9/17-23/09. The Project for Excellence in Journalism reported a tight journalistic playlist for the week, with only eight stories appearing off the overall top ten, and only five appearing in one medium only.


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Advertiser action
on Beck may spread

He may not need to feel so all alone, as advertisers may soon end up stoning all talkers who take strong stands on controversial issues of the day. But it's a problem for advertisers, too - if they forego people like Beck, O'Reilly, Olbermann, Limbaugh, Hannity and Maddow, they are often saying no to a network's biggest draws.

RBR observation: A courageous advertiser that wants access to a certain talker's audience will state as often as necessary that the talker does not necessarily represent their point of view, but that they do support his First Amendment rights ...
08/25/09 RBR #165

Agency observers pessimistic about recovery
There are basically two prevailing views about the economy among media types according to a new survey - those that think that while its better it has certainly not recovered...

RBR observation: We are generally leery of unscientific polls like this, but we were interested in these results nonetheless - they seem totally reasonable given the situation at hand. The perceptions of which media will be first to bounce back must be particularly chilling to folks in the newspaper business.
08/25/09 RBR #165

Shareholders meeting
delayed by Radio One

Perhaps we should say the meeting has been delayed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Radio One says it has to delay the meeting to respond to questions from the SEC.
08/25/09 RBR #165

Sales-Dealer No Deal
The following is a true story. .. a number of important factors to consider in today's marketing world - including the effectiveness of using the web together with traditional media;
08/25/09 RBR #165

How one musician
survived the labels

In many if not most cases, record labels are not friends of musicians. They are not sympathetic figures. They hide behind musicians at hearings, and many testifying musicians, such as Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, could not get through their hearings without complaining about labels. Not to mention the simple fact that they do not perform, they merely record. They should not even be a part of the PRA discussion.
08/25/09 RBR #165

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