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Volume 24, Issue 193, Jim Carnegie, Editor & Publisher
Wednesday Morning October 3rd, 2007

Radio News ®

Westwood One set free
in new deal with CBS

At long last, Westwood One announced yesterday evening that it has entered into new agreements with CBS Radio running through March 2017. Westwood One's Management Agreement, Representation Agreement and other related programming agreements and distribution arrangements with CBS Radio were previously scheduled to expire on March 31, 2009. Instead, the new deal, once ratified by WW1 shareholders, will establish a new relationship between CBS Radio and the WW1 network and Metro Networks divisions, through March 31, 2017 in exchange for certain programming and/or cash compensation.
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RBR observation: Let the bidding begin! This is the move that Wall Street awaited. Now free from CBS, Westwood One is free to put itself up for sale. Who will Norm Pattiz, with his founder's stock, find a suitable buyer? Inquiring minds want to know.

MMTC, NAB push SDB broadcast ownership
Here's another acronym to remember: SDB. In response to a formal FCC inquiry, the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council has offered numerous ways to promote an increase in socially disadvantaged businesses (SDBs) into the ranks of broadcast ownership. Its remarks are in large part seconded by the National Association of Broadcasters. "Today it is almost universally agreed that curing the acute minority under-representation in broadcast ownership would do much to promote competition and diversity of viewpoints," wrote MMTC's David Honig. "Since market entry barriers that still inhibit minority broadcast entry and growth are numerous and powerful, the Commission will need to deploy an equally numerous and powerful set of tools with which to correct the problem." Noting that to date efforts have been limited or even token, MMTC offered 28 initiatives the FCC could put in place immediately, two more it could adopt with further study and eight voluntary industry initiatives. They involve everything from further study, allowing extra time for SBDs to dig up financial backing, tweaking of existing initiatives and advocation of benevolent changes to the tax code. Of the proposals, Honig added, "...the Commission should examine them holistically, and adopt a thorough, comprehensive package of initiatives that collectively would be sufficient, with breathtaking rather than 'deliberate' speed, to fully address each category of market entry barriers that cause minority exclusion: access to spectrum, access to capital, and access to opportunity." Tomorrow: A look at NAB's proposals.

Major groups implementing
iTunes tagging
CBS Radio, Clear Channel, Cumulus, Cox, Entercom and Greater Media announced they're in the process of installing iTunes Tagging technology. As a result, consumers who hear a song on their local HD Radio stations - and want to preview, buy and download it later on iTunes - will soon be able to do that with just the touch of a button on an enabled HD Radio receiver. iTunes Tagging enables consumers using HD Radio receivers that have been equipped with a special Tag button, to "tag" songs that they hear on the FM dial for subsequent preview and purchase on iTunes. JBL and Polk Audio will have the first available products that enable iTunes Tagging. The new Polk I-Sonic Entertainment System 2 and the JBL iHD will both include the Tag button. Additional products that include the Tag button for both the home and car will follow in early 2008.

Growth czar for Univision
That's not his official title, but that's what Cesar Conde will be doing - driving growth. The new Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer will be working to identify new business initiatives and alternative revenue streams across Univision's television, radio and Internet platforms. He will also have direct oversight of Univision's Community Affairs, Government Relations, and Corporate Business Development teams. "I have worked very closely with Cesar over the last several months and he has consistently shown that he is a creative thinker and a motivational leader with keen strategic insights. His significant tenure with Univision, deep experience across several divisions of the company and vast industry knowledge give him a unique ability to help us further grow and define Univision's role within the rapidly evolving US media industry," said Univision CEO Joe Uva, to whom Conde will report. Conde has been serving as Special Assistant to Uva. Prior to that, he served as Vice President and Operating Manager of the Galavision Network, Univision's cable network.

Q3 political cash numbers coming out
Early returns from Q3 presidential candidate fundraising are starting to come out, and the first batch of numbers, for six Democrats, show a dead heat between Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Barack Obama (D-IL), but with the wind behind Clinton's sails. Her campaign picked up 27M in Q3 to arrive at about 80M in total contributions, while Obama reached the same 80M figure with 20M in Q3 receipts. According to the Associated Press, John Edwards (D-NC) picked up 7M Q3 to 30M total, Bill Richardson (D-NM) added 5.2M to 18.4M, Chris Dodd (D-CT) picked up 4M to 8.8M, and Joe Biden (D-DE) picked up about 2M to 6.4M. In at least one case, primary strategy is falling into place. That would be Edwards, who is falling behind Clinton and Obama, but who is convinced he can capture his party's nomination if he can make a strong showing in Iowa and New Hampshire. The Washington Post estimates that Democratic candidates have amassed 225M between them during the first nine months of 2007. Meanwhile, Republican candidates are still trying to cross the 150M threshold.

RBR observation: We would expect a very large percentage of this cash to be unleashed by 2/5/08, Super Duper Tuesday. Strong contenders will have to be ready for the possibility that the nomination is undecided, but they will also probably be forced to rely on a good enough showing to replenish their coffers afterwards if they need to do further battle going ahead. And Edwards has delineated the strategy of those farther back in the polls, who will have to place all their chips down early and hope for a big pay-off. Not all of this money will go for broadcast advertising, but a lot of it will.

CBS loses a top newser to blogs
Betsy Morgan, pictured, is leaving CBS, where she has been heading since 2005, to go whole-hog into the new media world. She has joined The Huffington Post as CEO. Huffington Post co-founders Arianna Huffington and Kenneth Lerer say Morgan will oversee all operations and strategy for the blogging site. Lerer will assume the newly created position of Chairman of the Board. Huffington will remain Editor-in-Chief. "Betsy is a superstar, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have her join us as our partner and CEO," said Lerer. Before being named Senior Vice President at CBS Interactive and General Manager of, Morgan was a Vice President of CBS News in charge of business development, digital media and new television ventures. She began her career at CBS as the Head of the CBS Television Network's Strategic Management Group.

RBR observation: Is it "new media" and "old media" or just "media?" There are lots of ways to deliver information now and everyone is competing with everyone else. So what is the attraction for someone to leave a giant company like CBS for a fast-growing start-up? Try three letters: I-P-O.

Ahmadinejad tops scattered coverage
Only cable and radio thought the visit to America by Iran's president was the top story of the week, but that was enough to put him in the top slot on the overall chart in the Project for Excellence in Journalism news coverage study for the week of 9/23/07-9/28/07. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad knocked another controversial figure out of the #1 slot, O.J. Simpson, who (incredibly, it seemed to us) didn't even show up with minor coverage on a single medium, much less remain in the top ten. There was across-the-board coverage of the 2008 campaign, strife in Myanmar and events in Iraq; there were also 14 topics on the chart one place or another that did not make the overall top ten, an unusually high number. At least one personality in the news/talk arena became the news: Bill O'Reilly commanded 2% of the overall news hole after his comments following a Harlem dinner with Al Sharpton. O'Reilly works on both cable and radio, and got 6% and 3% of their respective time allotments.
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XM holds upfront soiree with national buyers
Last night in NYC, XM Satellite Radio held an upfront presentation to the ad community, especially national radio buyers. The event featured Country artist Faith Hill. This is not the first upfront event for XM, but they don't do one every year. XM sells News, Talk and Sports inventory, with a few music formats that Premiere sells inventory on via the original deal with CC Radio and XM. It was held at Trump Place (overlooking Central Park), as XM is involved with "Jazz at Lincoln Center" there. There were cocktails/ ours d'oeuvres, a presentation and then the concert.

RBR observation: Did you know that the XM website is one of the most trafficked ones out there, due to folks tuning in online? Funny, they don't yet sell banner ads there. Hmmm.....maybe they should offer a free streaming option with audio ads inserted?

Arbitron releases third edition of Network Radio Today
Arbitron has released the third edition of Network Radio Today, providing detailed data on how this segment of radio reaches a solid majority of consumers of all ages, ethnicities and races each week.
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Media Business Report TM
CC Spectacolor brings
HD billboard to Times Square

Clear Channel Outdoor's Spectacolor Division launched a state-of-the-art digital billboard in Times Square yesterday. The new billboard branded "Spectacolor HD" will boast the sharpest image quality of any digital billboard in the U.S. while also being the most technologically advanced. Spectacolor HD will be the first digital billboard in the world to run multiple advertiser spots in conjunction with streaming news, weather and live HD broadcasts provided exclusively from CNN. Spectacolor HD will also be the first digital billboard to provide viewers with a dedicated audio channel received via mobile phones by dialing a toll free number. Advertisers will have access to a standard feature set that is unrivalled by any other billboard in existence today including: Bluetooth downloads, interactive content via short code (SPECHD) and Times Square's first free public WiFi Hot Spot.

Media Markets & Money TM
Clear Channel fills a GAP toward closure
A major deal sending stations in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana from Clear Channel to George Laughlin's GAP Broadcasting has officially gone on the books. According to brokerage firm Kalil & Co., the deal included 52 stations in 11 small markets changed hands. It was valued at 139M according to documents filed with the FCC. And CCU's Oregon deal with Bicoastal Media, also handled by Kalil, closed as well. That deal involved 13 stations in two small Oregon markets (Medford and Albany) and was valued at over 37M. Laughlin will have the most assimilation to do, however. The agreement swells the GAP portfolio with six stations in Abilene TX, five in Amarillo TX, six in Lubbock TX, four in Lufkin TX, five in Odessa-Midland TX, five in Texarkana TX-AR, five in Tyler-Longview TX, three in Victoria TX, four in Wichita Falls TX, three in Lawton OK and six in Shreveport LA.

Washington Media Business Report TM
NTIA unveils DTV coupon program
The National Telecommunications and Information Administration has been tasked with getting digital-to-analog converter box coupons out to the public in preparation for the DTV conversion scheduled for 2/17/09. It's scheduled a conference today to get word out about the program. NTIA notes that when we flip our calendars to Saturday, 10/6/07 there will be precisely 500 days to go before analog broadcast becomes a thing of the past. Today's press availability is part of NTIA's program to get the word out. US households which will continue to view television programming over analog equipment will be able to apply for coupons for one or two boxes. The coupons will be worth 40 apiece.

Entertainment Media Business Report TM
CRS looks at the Hispanic Country audience
The Country Radio Broadcasters will include a panel on the growing importance of the Hispanic audience for Country radio at the 2008 Country Radio Seminar (CRS-39), set for March 5-7, 2008 at the Nashville Convention Center. Scheduled for Thursday, March 6th, is "The Power of Business In Español" with Jose Cancela. Following up on the Edison Research study presented at CRS-38 on the relationship between Hispanic and Country radio, this panel will examine the growing Hispanic demographic, debunk Hispanic stereotypes, and offer tips on marketing and programming to the Hispanic listener.

Ratings & Research
Liquid Compass announces
new online RIAA reporting tool

Liquid Compass, a content delivery network that provides streaming and digital media services to the radio industry, has developed RIAA Reporter-a royalty reporting tool that automates the new per performance RIAA royalty reporting requirements that go into effect in 2008. As a result of the new royalty fee arrangement announced earlier this year, streaming radio stations will no longer be allowed to report royalty fees by "aggregate tuning hour" which was based on the total hours of programming that the stations transmitted during a month to all listeners. Instead, stations will be required to report on a per performance basis - or the total number of people listening each time a performance is played. RIAA Reporter will be available to clients this month.

Shoppers rank their favorite e-tailers
Though customers have infinite options for shopping online, a few companies still stand out as favorites, according to STORES Magazine's inaugural Favorite 50 survey, conducted by BIGresearch. e-tail giant tops the list this year. came in second. Securing the third position on the list was Fresh and trendy apparel lines and a new venture into beauty products, as well as a completely new look in stores and on the website, has helped land the number five spot on the list. Four other major retailers landed a top 10 spot, including (#4), (#6), (#7) and (#10). Demonstrating the importance of search engines to eCommerce, (#9) and (#16) both were ranked among the top 20. Online retailers have begun to use these sites to their benefit by using strategic search marketing and advertisements on these and other affiliated websites.

Engineering Business Report TM
Citadel pulls the plug on nighttime HD
Why? Their HD signals are interfering with their own analog signals cross-country on WABC NYC and WJR Detroit-and they're getting listener complaints-more in some markets than others. Citadel VP/Engineering Martin Stabbert tells RBR the move is temporary to tweak the HD engineering with iBiquity Digital. We noticed a problem weeks ago (9/21/07 RBR #185). See "HD Radio 2007."

Stabbert tells RBR: "When we turned on the nighttime HD in September we wanted to gather some signal and interference data to see where we were at with nighttime HD. Now we're going to take a step back and make a few adjustments to minimize interference. It's an ongoing process, just like any other broadcaster who has turned on HD at night."

Remember, at night, the HD signals will travel as far as the analog with skywave reception. So that HD-to-analog interference goes along with it-for a thousand miles give or take a few hundred. The FCC began allowing AM stations to broadcast in HD after dark on 9/14. Citadel will keep HD on during the day.

RBR observation: It may be just radio DX'ers complaining about reception. In many far-outlying areas the groundwave from WABC, for example, fights with the skywave already at night, so any added noise on the WABC analog there would be problematic for sure for areas like Poughkeepsie and Atlantic City. For most in-market listeners, the problem was likely minimal.

212,250 KRTS-FM CP Marfa TX from Matinee Radio LLC (Robert Walker) to Marfa Public Radio Corporation (J. Stewart Vanderwilt et al). Charitable donation. Station is noncommercial. CP is for Class C2 on 93.5 MHz with 5.32 kW @ 1,427'. [File date 9/12/07.]

Stock Talk
Stocks take a breather
Traders caught their breath after pushing the Dow Industrials to a record close on Monday. The blue chip barometer slipped back 40 points to 14,047, but the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite was up again.

Radio stocks also gained, although only slightly. The Radio Index rose 0.550, or 0.4%, to 124.888. It was a good day for the "E" stocks: Emmis gained 5.5% and Entercom 4.8%.

Radio Stocks

Here's how stocks fared on Tuesday

Company Symbol Close Change Company Symbol Close Change




















Journal Comm.







Lincoln Natl.




Citadel CDL
4.20 +0.03

Radio One, Cl. A




Clear Channel




Radio One, Cl. D




Cox Radio












Saga Commun.




Debut Bcg.




Salem Comm.








Sirius Sat. Radio








Spanish Bcg.
















Westwood One








XM Sat. Radio





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Just a quick observation regarding "Emmis leaves Interep for Katz"... (10/2/07 RBR #192)

Rarely is it so easy to read between the lines.

Given the comments of all involved and their tone when talking about each other... it is obvious to all but the English as a Second Language crowd... we take on the traits of our parent... Katz is doing what Clear Channel does... dropping drawer.

Clint Wright
Vice President
WrightAds, LLC

Below the Fold
Ad Business Report
XM holds upfront
Soiree with national buyers Did you know that the XM website is one of the most trafficked..

Media Business Report
Clear Channel Spectacolor
Brings HD billboard to Times Square boasting the sharpest image quality of any digital billboard in the U.S...

Media Markets & Money
Clear Channel fills a GAP
Toward closure. GAP Broadcasting has officially gone on the books...

Engineering Media Business Report
Citadel pulls the plug
On nighttime HD. Why? HD signals are interfering with their own analog signals...

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Radio Media Moves

From TV
to radio

Dan Rea won't be changing companies, or even call letters for that matter, for his new job. After more than 30 years as a reporter on WBZ-TV Boston, he is moving to WBZ-AM to host "NightSide with Dan Rea," airing 8-midnight weekdays. Rea fills the slot left open by the recent death of Paul Sullivan (9/11/07 RBR #177). It's actually a return to radio for Rea, who was at WBZ-AM before his long run on the TV side.

New to the boardroom
Mitchell Yelen has been named to the board of directors at Spanish Broadcasting System. He is director of tax services at Pinchasik, Strongin, Muskat, Stein & Company, P.A. With Yelen as one of three independent directors comprising the Audit Committee, SBS says it believes it is back in compliance with Nasdaq rules.

More News Headlines

Journal Sentinel
begins staff cuts

Journal Sentinel Inc., the Milwaukee daily newspaper that's the flagship of Journal Communications, yesterday began a voluntary employee separation program to cut the size of its staff. The plan is to eliminate 35-50 positions, or about 3.5-5% of the newspaper staff - and if the voluntary program doesn't accomplish that, there may be some involuntary pink-slipping. Under the program now underway, employees with 10 years or more service as of October 26th are eligible to apply for voluntary separation, including a cash severance component and a healthcare benefit component. The actual separation date is expected to be around November 15th. "It is never easy to call for staff cutbacks, but we must continue to align our cost structure with the realities of reduced revenues in the newspaper industry," said Elizabeth "Betsy" Brenner, President and COO of Journal Communications' publishing group. "It is important to note that while not yet finalized, Journal Sentinel expects to be down nearly 60 full-time-equivalents (FTE's) in our core business at the end of the third quarter. Including the voluntary separation program announced today, we expect a total reduction of approximately 100 FTE's by year-end," she added.

RBR observation: Just one more example of just how tough the newspaper business is these days. We can't imagine Journal Communications taking the route that Belo took this week to separate its newspaper and broadcasting divisions into separate companies, but Journal Broadcast Group is clearly in a more attractive business right now than the one that launched the parent company back in 1882.

RBR Radar 2007
Radio News you won't read any where else. RBR--First, Accurate, and Independently Owned.

Jerry Lee puts his money
where his mouth is
Guarantees to advertisers to prove the value of radio. Well, he's not just talking, he's doing. Lee has big ideas for the future. His challenge is with four proposals to move radio forward. Lee is already trying to implement them in Philadelphia, where he owns WBEB-FM, to prove that they work. He told RBR that he has met with the advertising decision maker for the Ford dealers in the Philadelphia area with a proposal to prove that radio can move cars - with a money-back guarantee. "We need to take charge of our own destiny. We need to do 4 things and if we do them right, our future will be very bright.

RBR note: Lee's points and details outlined in RBR.
10/02/07 RBR #192

Emmis leaves Interep for Katz
Emmis Communications has ended its long-time rep deal with Interep and its D&R Radio Sales and moved over to Katz Radio Group.

RBR observation: It has been no walk in the park to rep Emmis stations lately in New York, LA and Chicago, as their ratings have been falling on stations like Power 106 and Q101. So it's more critical mass for Katz and Stu Olds - who may some day buy the rep firm from Clear Channel. And for Interep it is another contract buy out.
10/02/07 RBR #192


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