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eBay spot wins Mercury Grand Prize

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has again won the 100K Radio-Mercury Awards Grand Prize - - this time with a spot created for eBay called "Abbreviated." The awards, totaling over 160K in cash and prizes, were awarded yesterday in a luncheon ceremony at Cipriani in New York City. Entercom's KIRO/KTTH Seattle won in the station-produced category with a spot for James Hardie Siding Company [AUDIO LINK] and (pictured) Russ Cimber received the award from NAB's John David. Zimmer Radio, which won in the station-produced category in 1999, won this year in the new category for 30-second spots, beating out all entries by both agencies and stations. The winning entry was "Ants," created for Alert One Pest Control. The first-ever student award went to a spot from Portfolio Center, a communications arts school in Atlanta.

The 2005 Radio Mercury Award Winners

$100,000 Grand Prize Winner

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Writer: Tyler McKellar
Producer: Brian Coate
Creative Director: Jaime Barrett
Production Co.: GSP Post
Engineer: Eben Carr

$5,000 General Prize Winners

"Kills More"
American Legacy Foundation
Arnold Worldwide / Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Writer: Mike Howard
Producer: Caron Pedonti
Creative Directors: Ron Lawner, Alex Bogusky, Roger Baldacci, Tom Adams
Production Co.: bartradio, inc.
Engineer: Marcelo Gandola

Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Writer: Evan Fry
Producer: Eric Rasco
Creative Directors: Alex Bogusky, Bill Wright, Bob Cianfrone
Production Co.: Nutmeg
Engineer: Rob Fielack

"Genius/Mr. Pro Sports Heckler"
DDB Chicago
Writers: Bob Winter, Chris Roe
Producer: Marianne Newton
Creative Directors: John Immesoete, Mark Gross
Production Co.: Chicago Recording Company
Engineer: Dave Gerbosi

National Thoroughbred Racing Association
Writers: Daniel Giachetti, John Clement, Brad Emmett
Producer: Barbara Michelson
Creative Director: Sal Devito
Production Co.: McHale Barone

Virgin Mobile USA
Fallon New York
Writers: Adam Alshin, Marcus Woolcott
Producer: Zarina Mak
Creative Director: Ari Merkin
Production Co.: Kamen Entertainment Group
Engineer: Roy Kamen

General Motors - HUMMER Division
Writer: Chris Beresford-Hill
Producers: Charles Wolford, Joyce Chen
Creative Directors: Lance Jensen, Gary Koepke, Shane Hutton
Production Co.: Soundtrack
Engineer: Bill Bookheim

"Cell Phone"
Motel 6
The Richards Group
Writer: Chris Smith
Producer: Sheri Cartwright
Creative Director: Mike Malone
Production Co.: Post-Op

"Heavy Fines"
World Wide Wadio
Writers: Eric Head, Ken Langridge, Greg Roy
Producers: Paul Fey, Michael Niles
Engineers: Lukas Bower, Stewart Sloke

Miller Brewing Company
Y&R Chicago
Writers: Pete Figel, Dave Loew
Producers: Monica Wilkins, Lee Goldberg, Matt Bijarchi
Creative Directors: Dave Loew, Mark Figliulo
Production Co.: Chicago Recording Co.
Engineer: Dave Gerbosi

Public Service Announcement Winner

"It's Like They're Smoking"
MI Dept of Community Health
Brogan & Partners Convergence Marketing
Writer: Melissa Weber
Producer: Amy Weber
Creative Directors: Bonnie Folster, Melissa Weber
Production Co.: Kinetic Post
Engineers: Greg Meloche, Beau Williams

$5,000 Spanish-Language Prize Winner

"Answering Machine"
la comunidad
Writers: Jose Molla, Joaquin Molla, Hugo Zogbi
Producers: Frida Sellar
Creative Directors: Jose Molla, Joaquin Molla, Ricky Vior
Production Co.: Outpost Audio

$5,000 Radio Station-Produced Prize Winner

"Three Little Houses"
James Hardie Siding Co.
Entercom Seattle KIRO/KTTH Radio
Writer, Producer, Creative Director: Russ Cimber

$5,000 30-Second Category Winner

Alert One Pest Control
Zimmer Radio Group
Writer, Producer, Creative Director: Jason T. Skaggs

$2,500 Student Winner

"Quick History"
Portfolio Center
Writer: Howard Hill
Instructor: Bob Barrineau
Production Co.: Riot Studios
Engineer: Chris Basta

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