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Bureau Extends Pleading Cycle for TEGNA Transfer Applications

Three groups wish to stop the TEGNA transaction, which sees Cox Media Group's majority shareholder, Apollo Global Management, take a non-voting equity stake in TEGNA as Soo Kim's Standard General becomes the majority shareholder. They've convinced the FCC to allow more time for providing information they believe is needed to make an informed decision.

Pennsylvania Licensee Facing License Revocation Gets Lurid With FCC

Roger Wahl could lose his license for WQZS-FM in Meyersdale, Pa., if the FCC's Administrative Law Judge finds his felony conviction weighty enough to strip him of the Class A station, deleting its call letters and leaving the 93.3 MHz vacant. He offered a response to Enforcement Bureau interrogatories in his license revocation hearing that some might argue seals his fate as an ex-licensee.

FCC Commissioners Approve FM Directional Antenna NPRM

It's a big victory at the Commission for Sinclair Broadcast Group-owned Dielectric, which in mid-September 2021 shared for the first time how the company literally changed how FM broadcast antenna manufacturers validate directional pattern studies.

A Centennial Celebration Comes To WGN Radio

Today led by Sean Compton, WGN-AM in Chicago is getting a big 100th birthday celebration on Thursday. Here's what is in store for the radio station reinvigorated by Compton under Nexstar Media Group ownership.

‘Franken FM’ Proposal Placed On FCC June Meeting Agenda

With the digital transition, the audio long heard at 87.7 on the FM dial disappeared. But, some licensees sought permission to continue the audio on FM as an "ancillary or supplementary services." Now, whether or not that should be permanent will be put to the test of the Commissioners of the FCC.

Super-Charged American Tower Corp. OKs Dividend

Its shares, like most on Wall Street, started slumping on May 6. On Friday, they rocked forward by 4.8%, putting American Tower Corp. at $244.53 and back on track toward its 1-year target price of $291. What propelled AMT on an otherwise dismal day for U.S. financial markets? A hefty dividend is in the works.
Broadcast Tower

A ‘Mega Media’ Deal Converts a TBA To Ownership

A Class D daytime-only AM station, along with its FM translator serving the Rose Hill, N.C., area is poised to change hands. Pending regulatory approval, Mega Media will be the new owner.

A Plan To ‘Strengthen Local News’ In Maryland

A multi-platform news organization established by The Venetoulis Institute for Local Journalism has teamed up with "Your Public Radio" — the main NPR Member station serving Baltimore — for the creation of a joint operating agreement that will allow each organization to work collaboratively "to deliver quality journalism" across the state of Maryland.
Audacy executives virtually ring the Opening Bell for trading on NYSE Friday (4/9), as "ETM" officially changed to "AUD" as the company's ticker symbol following last week's name change from Entercom.

Another Tough NYSE Session For Audacy

Beware the Ides of March. Since then, Audacy shares have slumped. On Thursday, they dipped again, reaching a fresh year-to-date low. In fact, Audacy's share growth since the election of Joe Biden as U.S. President has been erased.

Britain’s Radio Assessment: Smart Speakers Surging

The U.K.'s radio ratings for the first quarter of 2022 are out, courtesy of industry consortium RAJAR. The rise in smart speaker usage is perhaps the biggest takeaway, and its usage among older audiences is something noteworthy for U.S. broadcasters, too.
Dielectric President Keith Pelletier

InFOCUS Podcast Encore: Keith Pelletier

Dielectric President Keith Pelletier in September 2021 provided details about its Petition for Rulemaking that puts FM radio directional antenna pattern studies in sync with AM and television broadcast signals. The FCC on Thursday unanimously approved the petition. What does this mean? Listen to this InFOCUS Podcast for the easy-to-comprehend story, presented by dot.FM! LISTEN HERE
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An Oklahoma FM Pair Trade Hands

The deal was struck in late April, and it's just been filed with the FCC for its blessing. If regulatory approval is given, and that's expected, two Oklahoma FM radio stations will be licensed to JL Radio LLC.

The FCC Seal

How Many Qualified Applicants Will Be In FCC’s ‘Auction 112’?

“Auction 112,” a sell-off of construction permits for full-power television stations, is on track for a June 7 commencement. Now, the FCC‘s Office of Economics and Analytics and the Media Bureau have determined the number of applicants that are qualified to bid in the auction. The qualified bidders include Gray Television, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Lilly Broadcasting and MeTV's parent.

Nielsen Deduplicates Audiences Across Samsung, VIZIO, Roku, Hulu

This expansion gives Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) users deduplicated person-level reporting of CTV audiences across leading smart TV OEMs and streaming providers. According to Nielsen, "Media buyers can better evaluate CTV inventory and unique reach in a comparable and comprehensive manner."

KQED Makes its Moves Toward NEXTGEN TV Service

A technology infrastructure company has been retained by one of the nation's leading noncommercial secular broadcasting operations to perform a "turnkey project" replacing its existing high-power TV transmitter atop San Francisco's famed Sutro Tower. It's the latest move that brings ATSC 3.0-powered NEXTGEN TV and such things as Broadcast Internet to the Bay Area.

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How to Remove Unconscious Bias in the Sales Hiring Process

The case for diversity is solid and has long been established, says Rainmakers CEO Michael Ferguson. "Diverse teams outperform their peers when it comes to revenue generation, workplace efficiency, innovation, market share, and employee wellness." Yet, he argues, many still struggle with unconscious bias.

A ‘Parity ADS Platform’ for Simultaneous Linear and CTV Advertising Arrives

It is being described as "one of the industry's first transitional platform approaches," one that maximizes dynamic advertising potential for television providers by inserting targeted ads simultaneously on both linear and connected streams. The timing is intriguing, as reports show the scatter market down some 30% since 2018 as NewFronts and Upfronts conclude for 2022-2023.
Rosemary Ravinal

Ten Golden Rules of Great Public Speaking

"Public speaking can be simple if you follow the rules," says "Zoom" expert and veteran public relations executive Rosemary Ravinal. Yet, more than 40% of the people of planet Earth say they fear public speaking more than death. Are you included? Here are 10 rules to help you break through the obstacles holding you back from presenting with ease and authority. 
The FCC Seal

Certification To Operate an Open Video System? Sure Thing

The Policy Division of the FCC's Media Bureau has signed off on an application for certification to operate an open video system serving a host of major markets. With no comments regarding the application received by the Commission, it has gone forward with an affirmative nod to the ask.

Internet and digital news for the broadcasting industry.

KRON-4 Welcomes A Chief Engineer

The Nexstar Media Group television station with an all-news approach has a new Chief Engineer. He started his duties on Monday and will lead the engineering, operations and IT departments at KRON-4 in San Francisco.

ANGA COM: A ‘Brilliant Restart,’ With One-Third of NAB Show Crowd

The 2022 NAB Show wasn't the only conference that saw its return after three years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. ANGA GOM was back in Germany last weekend, and organizers are calling the event "successful and brilliant."

NABLF Seeks Technology Apprenticeship Program Applicants

The window is open through June 15. The program is designed to train, inform and recruit a diverse workforce that meets the technology and engineering needs of the broadcast community.