How Much Did Meruelo Pay For L.A.’s KXOS?

Late Wednesday, Meruelo Media shared what many media brokers expected to happen sooner or later: It's buying KXOS-FM 93.9 in Los Angeles. What remains unknown, pending the company's Form 314 filing with the FCC, is how much -- or how little -- Meruelo is paying for it.

Philly Federal Court Sets June Date For Media Rule Hearing

Put Tuesday, June 11, on your calendar if the future of the FCC's media ownership rules is of importance to you. That's when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit will conduct a hearing that pits a familiar foe of media consolidation against the Pai Commission.

Breaking Down The Benefits Of Sports Gambling For Media

David Oxenford has become a top voice in D.C. on what broadcast media can -- and cannot do -- following a Supreme Court decision that left the legalization of sports wagering up to state legislatures. He had much to share at the Media Finance Focus conference on the subject.

Post-BK Cumulus Seeks FCC OK For Foreign Ownership

With its emergence from debtor-in-possession status, Cumulus Media began trading once again on Nasdaq under its "CMLS" symbol, and its stock is just below $19 a share. Now, the company is petitioning the FCC to allow non-citizens to own up to all of its stock.

RAB’s Farber: Radio Is Chasing Ad Dollars From All Media

"We are in complete agreement that radio should chase ad dollars," RAB President/CEO Erica Farber says in response to a RBR+TVBR Observation appearing May 22. Farber writes that radio is chasing ad dollars from all competitive media and advertising platforms.

AP Picks Standout Station By The Bay

The 2018 Associated Press Television and Radio Association Awards acknowledging outstanding journalism in the 13 western states have been announced. The spoils were dominated by Entercom’s KCBS in San Francisco, which picked up no less than nine APTRA awards. We have a full listing of their haul.

Webinar Focuses On Gender And Country Radio

The issue of possible gender bias in country radio is not a new one, and it has been on the front burner again of late, including the release of the report “Gender Representation On Country Format Radio” which came out last month. The topic was addressed again during the debut of Country Radio Broadcasters’ webinar series CRS360, which kicked off at 2pm CT on Thursday, May 23.
USA Flag

A Broadcast Media Tribute To America On Memorial Day

In salute to members of the U.S. Armed Forces presently serving, and to those who have done so in the past, featured columnist Ken Benner and his wife, Karen, offer a suggestion for stations that wish to salute these proud individuals across the three-day holiday weekend.
NAB / National Association of Broadcasters

Five Appointed To NAB Board

Radio Board Chairman Randy Gravley has made five appointments to the NAB Radio Board of Directors — as required by NAB bylaws — effective at the beginning of the June Board meeting, June 10-12. Here are the names.

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Blowout Noncomm Gets Another Hill Country Translator

Sun Radio is adding an FM translator deep in the heart of Fredericksburg. Here are the details.

Cable / Satellite

OpenVault Reports Video-Internet Bundle Decline

Overall broadband usage continued to grow rapidly in Q1 2019, which fueled a decline in video-Internet bundles. This is the finding of the quarterly OpenVault Broadband Industry (OVBI) report, a quarterly report that reflects broadband usage based on the aggregate consumption of millions of subscribers.

Virtual Multichannel Growth Slows

While subscriber growth for virtual multichannel slowed, it didn’t stall in Q1 2019, increasing 5.8% from the end of 2018. This compares to an 11.8% compound quarterly growth rate between Q4 2017 and Q4 2018. The overall multichannel rate of decline was somewhat offset.

A Laredo Lasso Lures A LPTV Facility To Gray

Gray Television has a presence in a Rio Grande border city through its ownership of the market's NBC affiliate, which has ABC and Telemundo programming on digital multicast channels tied to this full-power facility. Now, it is getting an over-the-air boost with a LPTV buy.

Latest Articles

NYMRAD’s Q1 State Of The Market Report Arrives

The analysis of the New York Tri-State Area marketplace is designed to help advertisers understand Radio’s impact on consumers and its prominent role in the local advertising landscape. The report assesses the area economy and provides fresh consumer data.

Radio Needs To Chase These Dollars

Our editor-in-chief believes there's a big opportunity for Radio to significantly boost its ad revenue while gaining ground against local digital media's ad revenue conquest. It involves WPP and one of the world's biggest advertisers, by dollars allocated to all kinds of media.

Advice On How To Deal With Advertisers In Trouble

How can broadcast media's finance pros best deal with advertisers in trouble? It can come down to the properly worded contract, and who your customer is. A Media Finance Focus conference session put the focus on advertisers in trouble. Here's what was said in New Orleans.

Coming Tuesday: The FCC’s ATSC 3.0 License App Acceptance

The voluntary adoption of the next-generation digital broadcast TV standard, known as ATSC 3.0., is ready to take a giant leap forward with respect to regulatory authorization and the permissions process. The Media Bureau is ready to start accepting Next-Gen TV applications.

Internet and digital news for the broadcasting industry.

New-Look Radio Show Gets Tech Savvy

The 2019 Radio Show not only has a snazzy new logo, but this year's confab will feature for the first time a one-day technology-intensive program offering educational sessions, hands-on workshops, networking events and focused vendor access.

A New Line Of Broadcast Cables Arrives From Remee

Remee Wire & Cable, a New York-based manufacturer of electronic wire and cable, has a new addition to its line of broadcast cables — a series of SMPTE 311 Hybrid Camera Cables. 

GatesAir’s CALA Sales Choice Is Yarahuan

Broadcast media wireless, over-the-air content delivery solution provider GatesAir has named a new Sales Director for the Caribbean and Latin American region. His experience includes several years in Mexico, working closely with giants TV Azteca and Televisa.