Is Broadcast TV Done With NATPE?

A big crowd doesn't necessarily translate to big business wheeling and dealing. That's exactly what many NATPE 2019 attendees are saying. Several high-level individuals who spoke with RBR+TVBR both on the record, and off the record, agree that NATPE today is all about OTT, and no longer important for them.

Wall Street: All About OTT, And Ignoring TV?

If there was one key takeaway from a Tuesday morning NATPE 2019 panel session with the title "How Wall Street Watches TV," it was this: Does Wall Street watch television ... or is it in lock-step with Madison Ave. millennials who have gone over-the-top on OTT and the ever-growing "D2C" manner in which video content is being delivered and consumed by U.S. households?

Comscore Score: Full Group Deal With NBC, Telemundo O&Os

As one of the television industry's biggest international executive and program-selling conferences slowly began its first day of sessions and meetings, attendees at NATPE 2019 were delivered a major announcement that came not from the Fontainebleau resort but from an upscale Northern Virginia town close to Dulles International Airport. Just after 9am Eastern, the Reston, Va.-based Comscore revealed that it now has a wider, more comprehensive partnership with Comcast's over-the-air television stations under the NBC and Telemundo banner.

Chapter 11 Plan OK’d For iHeart

The long, bumpy path to an emergence from debtor-in-possession status is officially nearing its terminus for the nation's No. 1 owner of radio stations. On Tuesday, iHeartRadio filed a 210-page redlined version of its organization plan, which it hoped would meet the approval of the bankruptcy judge overseeing its case. That happened.

Digital Audio and U.S. Hispanics: Facts On Habits, a digital audio advertising firm serving the U.S. Hispanic market; Adsmovil,'s domestic commercial representative; and Quriously have teamed up to present a study that offers a deep analysis of the digital audio consumption habits of Spanish speakers living in the U.S.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: New Access To In-Language Voices

What's stopping a radio station owner from taking the plunge and switching an underperforming AM or FM to Spanish-language programming? Talent is one big concern. How does one get great voices that can resonate with Latino audiences? This Hispanic Radio Podcast could yield the answer.

Townsquare Prepares For First Financial Fling Post-Prasad

On Tuesday, Townsquare Media will present at another important investor conference in warm South Florida. But, there's something a bit different about this jaunt to the land of palm trees and reggaetón beats: Townsquare will be showing off its merits to money men and women without Dhruv Prasad.

Media Finance Focus Scholarship Window Opens

Now in its seventh year, the scholarship will cover registration and hotel expenses associated with attending Media Finance Focus 2019, the 59th annual conference for MFM and its BCCA subsidiary, the media industry’s credit association. It's an event RBR+TVBR will have a big presence at.

KLVE Co-Founder Elias Liberman Dies

José Liberman and two of his brothers came together to purchase an FM radio station in Los Angeles. It was the first station in the MHz band west of Mississippi River to offer Spanish-language programming. Today, the Hispanic media industry is remembering Elias Liberman, a father of KLVE.

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Good News From AZ: Tucker Officially Takes An AM

In September 2018, Ted Tucker and his wife Jana Tucker, via a 50-50 partnership, agreed to acquire am AM facility in the Grand Canyon State. That deal has now closed, providing some "Good News" for Doug and Mary Martin.

FOX Talk At NATPE: ATSC 3.0’s Untapped Opportunities

The next gen broadcast TV standard, ATSC 3.0, finally got some attention from NATPE Miami participants on the second day of this three-day event that's focused more on OTT and content ownership than anything else. The solid endorsement of ATSC 3.0 came from FOX's Jack Abernethy.

Friday Deadline To Nominate Broadcast TV’s Best

Have your say today! Nominations are now extended through Jan. 25 for the RBR+TVBR 2019 Broadcast Television’s Best Leaders list. The one-week extension was requested by busy industy executives planning for NATPE Miami and the Matrix Solutions Symposium, each this week, immediately following CES 2019.

A Possible Second Career For Armed Services and Fire/Police Vets

A newly formed nonprofit organization is preparing to give veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, in addition to law enforcement veterans and former firefighters who have lost their jobs due to injury or attrition, a new career path. If successful, it will put these heroes behind the camera, thanks to a big donation putting Veterans-TV Inc. in motion.

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A Flo To The Top At Spot TV

The auto insurance category may be one of the fiercest when it comes to gaining a competitive advantage, and that has led to wild spending on marketing across all media by GEICO. This week, Media Monitors' Spot Ten TV report puts another big auto insurer at the top of the heap, thanks to a sizable spot play count.

Repeat Customers Continue To Fuel Spot Radio

There's not much fluctuation among the advertisers using radio the most for the week ending January 20. Here's a snapshot at what the top brands are that have elected to use spot radio to connect with consumers -- and hopefully build sales.

Cox’s A-TV Ad Marketplace Connects With Comscore

Chalk up another contract win for Comscore: A top automated television advertising marketplace owned by Cox Media Group is adding Comscore TV data to its local linear TV buying and selling platform.

Expect A Non-Productive Phone Call As A FCC ‘Open Meeting’

The FCC on Wednesday confirmed that it will hold a January Open Meeting on January 30, but 30 minutes later than originally scheduled. What about the partial government shutdown? If it continues through Tuesday, a conference call will be held. What will be discussed? Not much.

Internet and digital news for the broadcasting industry.

Verance Partners With Fincons On ATSC 3.0

One of the world's top international IT business consulting and systems integration firms has teamed up with Verance Corporation on the acceleration and expansion of the development of next-generation broadcast TV in the U.S., and in Europe.

An Irish Win For Wedel

Ireland’s premier media company and the home of some of Europe’s leading commercial media brands has selected Wedel Software's MediaSales platform to unify station operations -- and to streamline its workflow.

Apple CarPlay Connectivity Comes To KENWOOD

Until now, a USB-to-Lightning cable was needed to connect a iPhone to the receiver and enable CarPlay features. KENWOOD is eschewing this, as iPhone users now have the choice to go wire-free or charge their phones with a direct connection.