Brokers, Observers See More From Cumulus … and Cox

Broker Larry Patrick was asked to respond to an idea floated by one of Cumulus Media's equity holders: Paring most, but not all, of the top 15 markets was better than selling off the lower 25% of its markets. Is this plan in play? Some say yes, and they also believe Cox wants to spin radio clusters.

Is Cumulus Media ‘A Cash Printing Machine’?

With a declaration that radio is not dying anytime soon but is "merely evolving," Seeking Alpha says a reconstituted, post-bankruptcy Cumulus is printing dollars. How so? Here's its explanation of why the No. 3 licensee of radio stations is on solid footing, even as it pares down assets.

Antenna Ache: Why MVPDs Still Matter For Broadcast TV

Following a recent change of residence, our editor-in-chief invested in a $21 digital TV antenna and hooked it up to a television set in his home office. What was the result? He says it's best to perhaps stick with a MVPD if you truly want the TV service everyone deserves -- or, at least an vMVPD.
Digital Downloads

FCC: A Smaller Gap In America’s Digital Divide

The digital divide between Americans with and without access to modern broadband networks has narrowed substantially, according to the draft 2019 Broadband Deployment Report, which was circulated by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to his fellow commissioners today.

Mark An ‘X’ On This Owner Move In Walmart’s Home Market

If there's one thing to know about Northwest Arkansas, it is this: Walmart's global headquarters are here. Serving Bentonville and Fayetteville is a Class A Alternative station licensed to Springdale, Ark. It's just been shifted to a new licensee ... along with two AMs and a pair of FM translators.

How Can Radio Blossom With ‘Local Direct’ Growth?

Spanish-language radio stations can certainly attract listeners. But, what about advertisers? Paul Weyland has some great ideas on how to increase the number of appointments your AEs and sales pros can snag with local decisionmakers -- and close the deal the GM has been dreaming of. Hear what he has to say in the latest Hispanic Radio Podcast, hosted by RBR+TVBR's Editor-in-Chief.
U.S. Congress

Can This Congress Pass The ‘Local Radio Freedom Act’?

A bipartisan coalition of 124 Members of Congress have joined together to introduce resolutions in the House of Representatives and the Senate opposing "any new performance fee, tax, royalty, or other charge" on local broadcast radio stations. Call it Take Two for The Local Radio Freedom Act (LRFA).

Randy Michaels Sells ‘KFC … Really

Here's a deal that's finger-lickin' good — at least for Kentucky-based broadcaster Michael Tarter. His company has just acquired 'KFC from one of the most well-known radio industry figures of the last quarter century. No ... it's not a quick-service restaurant's local franchise. Still, this deal is all about a local "Icon."
Raul Alarcon

SBS’s Q4 Prognostication: ‘Excelente’

Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) remains under a magnifying glass with many. Preferred shareholders with deep pockets, reportedly unafraid of litigation, are still battling company leader Raúl Alarcón Jr. For SBS, that may just be noise: Preliminary Q4 and full-year 2018 results are "excellent," Alarcón says.

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Valentine’s Capture: Nebraska Town Gets A New FM

Days after Valentine's Day, the town of Valentine, Neb., discovered that it is getting a new local voice on the radio dial. It's thanks to the acquisition of a Christian Talk and Teaching station presently owned by American Family Association. What could be in store for this Class A facility?

Nexstar Stock Tops $90 Mark

With a 1-year target estimate now well above $100, investors are energized once again about Nexstar Media Group and its potential growth, once its likely acquisition of Tribune Broadcasting is complete and it spins stations -- with Apollo Group/Cox Enterprises' newly formed group taking them.

Here’s The Number Of Households That Own A Smart TV

Whether you like it or not, broadcast media C-Suiters, the "smart TV" is capturing more homes than ever. Just how many homes are acquiring these internet-connected devices, allowing viewers to seamlessly view Netflix, Amazon Prime and other OTT services just as easy as a cable or over-the-air channel?

ANA Study: A ‘Disconnect’ In Employer Diversity Efforts

A new study by the ANA Educational Foundation concludes that recruiting and retaining racially diverse talent continues to vex marketers due to a disconnect between the resources invested in diversity initiatives and a lack of inclusiveness felt by diverse workers. Could media be suffering from similar challenges?

Latest Articles

Light-Touch Or Big Hand? FCC Regs For e-Cig Ads Pondered

So far, the FCC has had no real role in regulating e-cigarette products. Should it? As David Oxenford of Wilkinson Barker Knauer writes, one wonders if the Commission really has any authority to take action against the advertising of e-cigs without Congressional action.

GEICO’s Spot Cable Superiority Continues

Few brands have been as committed to the use of broadcast and cable TV to reach consumers as the Government Employees Insurance Co., better known as GEICO. For the week ending February 17, GEICO's use of spot cable to build its brand awareness, and sales, was nearly double that of the No. 2 user of spot cable.

The Male ‘Power Shopper’, Driving Smart Speaker Growth

Men are shopping more frequently in-store and online than women, says a recently released report from First Insight. Among the findings radio industry's C-Suite will appreciate: Male ownership of smart speakers surged, and is a key role in how they shop.

NBC’s Welker Takes Spotlight At FCC Media Diversity Symposium

For viewers of NBC News, any reporting from the White House will usually involve its Chief Correspondent at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., in Washington. On March 7, Kristen Welker won't be addressing an audience in front of the camera. Rather, she'll be live at the FCC's media diversity symposium.

Internet and digital news for the broadcasting industry.

Tech Update: DVB Wants ‘Standards-Based OTT’

DVB, an industry consortium that develops open interoperable technical specifications for the delivery of digital media, will be at the NAB Show for the first time in years. Why? It will demonstrate how it is enabling an open standards-based approach to OTT and broadband television, among other things it shares here.

CP Consolidates In Florida With Big New Facility

A company known for its products and services for broadcast and live event productions has just consolidated its operations by closing its Elmsford, N.Y., and Orlando offices and opening a new 31,000-square foot facility in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Qligent Promises ‘Comprehensive, Virtualized VOD Analysis’

A "revolutionary new solution" that brings "comprehensive, virtualized assessment and verification of file-based content throughout the Video on Demand (VOD) experience will make its stateside debut at the 2019 NAB Show.