The U.S. Ad Marketplace: Expanding Thanks To SMBs

If Radio is a "local" media, then small and medium-sized businesses are its lifeline, right? If you believe that, you'll be very pleased to see the latest ad spend trend data from Standard Media Index. SMBs are sizzling. Here's the rub: it's thanks to digital dollars.

Here’s How Nexstar Will Foot The Bill For Tribune Buy

Roughly eight months ago, Nexstar Media Group emerged as the television broadcasting company that would merge with Tribune Media. How will the company founded by Perry Sook in the early 1990s pay for it? A billion-dollar senior note offering is in the works.

LatAm Ad Growth Outpaces North America, As Digital Slows

The global ad economy remains strong and will grow by 5% this year. However, ad spend growth in North America will trail that of Latin America, Europe and Asia/Pacific -- entirely due to a lack of political dollars. That's no surprise. What could be surprising is the slowdown in U.S. digital growth already seen in 2019.

Digital Ad Deceleration: Radio and TV’s Untaken Opportunity

Digital ad growth is slowing, and radio and TV need to properly act today to take advantage of this. If they don't, C3 Metrics COO Jeff Greenfield tells RBR+TVBR in an exclusive interview, this could be the last hurrah for broadcast media.

Access.1 Officially Exits Radio Station Ownership

In 2003, a media company primarily known for its radio holdings and its leadership by an African-American woman attracted the industry’s attention. Today, this company has just shed its last two broadcast holdings, which had been operated by Alpha Media.

Second EEO Audit Letters Dispatched At Random To Radio

On Thursday, the FCC's Enforcement Bureau sent its second group of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) audit letters for 2019 to randomly selected radio stations. What are the radio stations included in this audit? The Bureau shared the details on Tuesday.

Gen Media Partners Goes To School With Video News

Here's an announcement that doesn't require a bell ring from the Principal's office. Gen Media Partners (GMP) is launching a video news program for middle and high school students, educators, and parents.

A Leaner Emmis Sees Its Shares Skyrocket

The last week on Nasdaq has certainly been exciting for Emmis Communications. On June 10, the company confirmed that it is saying goodbye to the capital of the Lone Star State. That excited investors, and that enthusiasm hasn't ebbed. But, is that a "YES" vote for a N.Y. move?

‘The Steady Reach of Radio’: Audio Today, As Nielsen Sees It

Nielsen's newly released June 2019 Audio Today report is chock full of fresh insights regarding listening trends, including how consumers are using podcasts and smart speakers. It's yet another report showing that radio reaches more Americans each week (92%) than any other platform.

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A Montana FM Is Donated

A Class A facility located to the northwest of Great Falls, Mont., is being handed to from broadcast ministry to another. It's the lone deal up for discussion in TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Wednesday, June 19.

Fuse Media’s Emergence From Chapter 11 On Track

Two months after a voluntary entry into debtor-in-possession status, Fuse Media provided a positive update, noting that the media brand for Latino and multicultural millennial and GenZ audiences will emerge from Chapter 11 on schedule and "materially stronger."

SMI’s Upfront Outlook: Down On A Two-Year Basis

Standard Media Index took a close look at Upfront demand, and compared what was reported in summer 2018 to what was seen through April 2019. What was SMI's assessment? There's a large dichotomy between expectations and results, with two possible causes.

Ratings On the Block: New Nielsen Deal, As Exec Readies Exit

The owner of television stations in Louisville; downstate Illinois; and the small city of Lima, Ohio has extended its agreement for local TV measurement services with Nielsen. At the same time, word has leaked out that this broadcaster's VP is leaving on July 5.

Latest Articles

New Insight On Digital Advertising, And ‘Better Ads’

Google can block ads on a website without the publisher even knowing it. That's just one big takeaway from a new MediaRadar report on online advertising. It's great intelligence for broadcast media AEs looking for more fuel to win over clients skeptical of radio and TV.
Wall Street / Trading Floor

India Deal Can’t Stop Comscore’s Steep Stock Slide

Thanks to a decision made by India's federal government, Comscore currency will be used to set ad rates for desktop and mobile advertising in India to help create "a fair and stable marketplace." Did this news give investors a reason to put a stop to Comscore's big dip on Wall Street? Nope.

Seven Ways To Fix Underperforming Sales Reps Today

Got some sales reps that aren’t meeting your expectations? Here’s an article that might help, courtesy of expert sales training consultant Barrett Riddleberger. Here, Riddleberger shares seven ways one can fix underperforming sales reps ... right now!
DOJ / Department of Justice

DOJ Reaches Info Sharing Settlement With TV Groups, Cox Reps

The DOJ has reached settlements with five owners of broadcast TV stations, as well as Cox Reps, to resolve a Department lawsuit brought as part of its ongoing investigation into exchanges of competitively sensitive information in the broadcast TV industry.

Internet and digital news for the broadcasting industry.

Arkansas Broadcasters Association To Charter First SBE Chapter

The Arkansas Broadcasters Association (ABA) and its Board of Directors have agreed to charter the state's first chapter of the Society of Broadcasters Engineers (SBE).

Telos Alliance Readies For BroadcastAsia 2019

The Telos Alliance is gearing up to present an array of IP Audio and Audio Processing Solutions to the APAC market at BroadcastAsia 2019. The event is scheduled for June 18-20 and is one of the world’s major conventions for broadcast media.

A New Broadcast & Media Leader For R&S

On June 30, Jürgen Nies will retire from his role as EVP of Broadcast and Media at Munich-based Rohde & Schwarz. The following day, the person responsible for the transmitter and amplifier systems and file-based media solutions business units with that division will formally succeed Nies.