FCC Transparency: Let’s Make It A Law

Under FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, there has been a change in how the Commission offers a peek at what will be up for discussion at its Open Meetings — and possibly be approved, thus becoming a rule of law. Pai's "glasnost" is voluntary. An Illinois House member wants to make it the law, and one Commissioner approves.

Who Are The Sinclair Petitioners With Standing?

In the 22-page Hearing Designation Order that sees the Sinclair-Tribune merger headed to an hearing presided by an Administrative Law Judge, the petitioners who have standing in the matter were revealed. They include 12 groups, including a key voice on Capitol Hill for small and independently-owned MVPDs.

FCC Calls Out Sinclair For Possible ‘Sham’ Transactions

A 22-page Hearing Designation Order released Thursday by the FCC details how, among the applications filed with the Commission, three stick out like sore thumbs. These deals raise "significant questions as to whether those proposed divestitures were in fact 'sham' transactions," the FCC writes.
SBG / Sinclair Broadcast Group

FCC Votes For Sinclair Hearing Order

So much for Sinclair's attempt to get the FCC to approve its merger with Tribune Media through yet another reworking of its $3.9 billion deal, revealed Wednesday morning. The Commission has unanimously voted to adopt a Hearing Designation Order regarding the transaction.

Emmis Communications

A Big Week’s End Bounce For Emmis

On slightly lower than average volume, Emmis Communications shares finished Friday's trading with a 8.4% gain. This puts Emmis back on a growth track after a short dip seen this week. Still, Emmis is performing much better than it did across the first quarter of 2018.
Broadcast Tower

Birach Selects A New Donee For Tidewater Two

Take Two: On July 2 Sima Birach filed paperwork with the FCC indicating that two AMs serving the Hampton Roads region would be donated to the Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council (MMTC). That's not happening, based on a new agreement forged July 12 and filed with the Commission on Friday.

FCC Affirms Maximum Penalty For Miami Pirates

In late September 2017, the FCC proposed its maximum fine to three individuals in the Haitian community of North Miami, Fla., for their continued operation of a prolific pirate FM at 90.1 FM. On Thursday, the forfeiture order was set. We have an RBR+TVBR OBSERVATION: Do you think these guys really care? The issue is enforcement, and that's where the PIRATE ACT comes in.

A Purchase In Providence Solidifies Tropical Vibe

On Nov. 19, 2017, an AM radio station with a pair of FM translators brought a New England metropolis once known for its Portuguese speakers a new choice for Latin Urban and current Tropical hits. The stations operate under the "Mega 94.9" brand, and the party that has controlled the facilities via an LMA is now purchasing them outright.

Beasley’s Big Return: How WXTU ‘Came Home’

It was certainly a big day for Entercom Communications, which effectively traded a Country station in the nation's ninth-largest market for the top-rated player. But, it was also a historic Thursday for Beasley Broadcast Group: That Country station, in the words of CEO Caroline Beasley, is "coming home." In this exclusive interview, she shares why the homecoming of WXTU is a pivotal move.

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Good News: A Tucson AM Finds A New Owner

A Class B AM covering the Tucson market is trading hands. The buyer is a North Carolina-based company headed by Robert Wilkins, and we've got the scoop ahead of a Form 314 filing with the Commission next week. The broker is local: Kalil & Co.

Univision Communications, Inc.

Univision Says ‘Ole!’ To Puerto Rico TV Buy

With negative reports about the health of and atmosphere at Univision Communications meriting headlines across the trades and business news, the company is firming up its Puerto Rico asset ownership thanks to changes in the FCC's Duopoly rules. It's forking over a few million dollars to do so.

From The Catskills To Capitaland

A low-powered television station using a transmitter from atop a mountain that's home to a popular ski resort in New York's Catskill Mountains is about to get a big bump of northern exposure. This station, an affiliate of ThisTV and seven other digital multicast networks, is moving its tower to the Capital Region. When all is said in done, the tower will be eight miles by air from Albany.

MeTV Parent Partners With CBS For Female-Focused ‘Start’

Come Sept. 3, one of your local broadcast TV channel's digital multicast offerings may be getting a fresh new "Start." What can viewers expect? The network plans on putting the spotlight on "strong and resourceful female leading characters in a lineup of contemporary and proven procedural dramas."

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Wiley Rein

How FDA Warnings For Cigar Ads Could Impact You

The start date for the FDA’s new warnings requirement for cigar ads and labels, set to go into effect on August 10, has been delayed.  Earlier this month, a federal judge issued an injunction that temporarily prohibits the FDA from enforcing its new warnings requirement on cigar and pipe tobacco products. What does this mean for TV stations, or for radio stations that boast these sorts of ads online? Washington law firm Wiley Rein shares its thoughts.

Nielsen Data Now Integrated With Snapchat Ad Buying

Don't think that Snapchat is a legitimate ad threat to your radio or TV station? Think again. Nielsen has confirmed that its premium audience segments will now be available on the social media app's ad buying platform.

A VP/Auto For A Radio Group? iHeart Did It

Here's a promotion that one doesn't see everyday: The nation's No. 1 radio broadcasting company has named a vice president of automotive for its group of station's in Market No. 3. This individual comes aboard iHeartMedia after working for the big local newspaper and for CareerBuilder.

Orphans Looking For Homes

Larry Patrick, Managing Partner of Patrick Communications, is one of the nation's foremost media brokers. With this week's sale of WBEB-FM in Philadelphia by Jerry Lee Radio, thoughts flooded his mind about other stations in a similar situation. Call them orphans, "sole station owners who cannot sell to anyone," Patrick says. Here's what he says to say on the matter.

Internet and digital news for the broadcasting industry.

Smart Speaker Users: Numerous and Distinct

New data from NPR and Edison Research confirm that new smart speaker owners are emerging as "a distinct audience" in terms of user profile, behavior and media habits, while the first movers in the space remain highly engaged with their devices. That's a key learning from the Spring 2018 edition of The Smart Audio Report.

OMB Approves ‘Next Gen TV’ Rules

The Next Gen TV local simulcasting rules have received the approval of the Office of Management and Budget. This means that permissive voluntary use of the ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard is a go — another milestone for TV operators seeking an addressable advertising solution and superior audio and visual quality.

Nielsen Data Now Integrated With Snapchat Ad Buying

Don't think that Snapchat is a legitimate ad threat to your radio or TV station? Think again. Nielsen has confirmed that its premium audience segments will now be available on the social media app's ad buying platform.