Here It Comes: A Local Radio Ownership Rule NPRM

It may not have been the top topic of conversation for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in a blog post outlining what will be voted on at the Commission's December Open Meeting, but make no mistake about it — the biggest reason for AM and FM station owners to give thanks this holiday season is an NPRM on "modernization" of the Local Radio Ownership Rule.

How Tech Can Help Build Your Audio Business

Driving listeners to radio on any platform and at any time has never been more challenging, even as digital technology has afforded a host of new opportunities. At Forecast 2019, the consumption and monetization of digital options was a top topic across two panel discussions.

Is A CBS/Viacom Merger Just Months Away?

A report late Sunday in the New York Post has fueled the fire once again that Viacom and CBS Corp. are indeed set to reunify. The tabloid, however, puts the timetable for a reuniting not in years, but in months.

Entercom’s Earlier-Than-Expected Elevation

Entercom's Q3 earnings results delivered a mixed reaction from Wall Street. Earnings per share slightly missed the consensus analyst estimate. On a same-station basis, net revenue in Q3 dropped as pro-forma Adjusted EBITDA slipped by $3 million. Entercom President/CEO David Field is satisfied. A full-time investor mainly focused on U.S. equities believes Field has every reason to be content.

Wall Street / Trading Floor

Tuesday Turkeys: Radio Stock Slide Hurts Beasley, Entercom

"How The Grinch Stole Wall Street" is not among the recommend holiday reading material we've been told to enjoy from 3pm Eastern Wednesday, when RBR+TVBR's editorial offices close for the Thanksgiving Day holiday. But, the Grinch may be wreaking havoc on a bevy of broadcast media stocks -- including those of two big radio broadcasting companies.

‘Vault’ Move Leads To Delmarva Stick Sale

Until recently, a Class A serving the southern half of the Delmarva Peninsula from Maryland's Eastern Shore was a simulcast partner of a Classic Rocker. Now, the programming has shifted to a closer-to-D.C. facility as this station gets traded away.

Northern Ohio’s ‘Solid Biblical’ FM Deal

Monday marked the most active day for deals in several weeks, and among the stations traded is a Class B1 FM radio station that reaches both the Cleveland and Akron-Canton markets. The deal will leave in place the station's non-secular format targeting Christian listeners.
Broadcast Tower

A Humble Little Translator With A Big Selling Price

A 250-watt FM translator that's presently off the air is licensed to serve a significant portion of a top 10 market. The facility just sold for a formidable price.

Iliad’s Odyssey Now Includes Treasure Valley Take

At the end of January, a privately owned radio broadcasting company active across some of Idaho’s biggest markets took on a new name. The change marked the retirement of a couple who had attributable interest in what had been Locally Owned Radio. Now, with operations in Boise and in Twin Falls, Idaho, the company presently known as Iliad Media Group is growing in the Treasure Valley.

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Hill Country AM ‘Volunteers’ For New Owner

The town of Junction, Tex., is known for its presence in Hill Country -- a recreational and viticultural area to the west of Austin. Here, a 1kw Class C AM is being traded. The buyer likely knows the lyrics to "Rocky Top" by heart.

A Cognitive Solution To Nielsen’s CEO Needs

There's a successor to Mitch Barns at Nielsen, and it certainly begs the question of what the company's Board of Directors was thinking in selecting the former leader of IBM's Cognitive Solutions business for the job. We looked at his salary, and it's in the millions.

Local News: The Top Trusted News Source

The "overwhelming majority" of adults aged 18-49 consider local television to be the most trusted source of news and information. That's according to a national survey of consumers conducted by market research firm SmithGeiger ... for a major owner of broadcast TV stations.

GEICO Stays Dominant As TV’s Top Spot Setter

There's a slew of exciting new activity in the latest Spot Ten TV report from Media Monitors. But, there's also one big takeaway for the report for the week ending November 18: GEICO isn't budging off the top spot.

Latest Articles

AdsWizz Gets Integrated With Google Display and Video 360

A fresh integration between a digital audio ad firm and one of the world's biggest tech giants will open up Pandora to audio ad buys via its "Display and Video 360" tool.
Jelli, Inc.

Jelli Ring: iHeart Acquires Programmatic Player

The nation's No. 1 owner of radio stations just made another debtor-in-possession move designed to bring more profits to the company that hopes to lower its debt to $5 billion. Two months after making a big podcast push, iHeartMedia is acquiring the tech company that powers its SoundPoint programmatic ad platform.

Radio’s Top Advertisers, On Repeat

There's little fluctuation from the previous Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report released by the iHeartMedia-owned ad tracking service, with home improvement, retail and a big QSR being joined by a cold-and-flu season favorite.

AM Radio ‘Revitalization’ SFNPRM Dates Affirmed

Call it "The Continuing Saga Of MB Docket No. 13-249." On October 5, the Commission adopted and released a Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in the Revitalization of the AM Radio Service proceeding. Comment and Reply Comment Dates have now been released.

Internet and digital news for the broadcasting industry.

Teen Aversion To Androids Hits New Apex

Is your radio or TV station seeking to lure teens and young adults through apps exclusively available through the Google Play store on Android-powered smartphone? Good luck with that. A new Piper Jaffray study shows that with teens, it is all about Apple.

How Tech Can Help Build Your Audio Business

Driving listeners to radio on any platform and at any time has never been more challenging, even as digital technology has afforded a host of new opportunities. At Forecast 2019, the consumption and monetization of digital options was a top topic across two panel discussions.

A Imaging, Commercial and Video Production Choice That’s All Sun & Fun

A network radio operation offering stations products and services designed to boost ratings and revenue on a wholly barter basis is now representing Digital Sound & Video in offering its radio imaging, commercial production and video production services to AMs and FMs across the U.S.