Is Cumulus Media ‘A Cash Printing Machine’?

With a declaration that radio is not dying anytime soon but is "merely evolving," Seeking Alpha says a reconstituted, post-bankruptcy Cumulus is printing dollars. How so? Here's its explanation of why the No. 3 licensee of radio stations is on solid footing, even as it pares down assets.

Antenna Ache: Why MVPDs Still Matter For Broadcast TV

Following a recent change of residence, our editor-in-chief invested in a $21 digital TV antenna and hooked it up to a television set in his home office. What was the result? He says it's best to perhaps stick with a MVPD if you truly want the TV service everyone deserves -- or, at least an vMVPD.
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FCC: A Smaller Gap In America’s Digital Divide

The digital divide between Americans with and without access to modern broadband networks has narrowed substantially, according to the draft 2019 Broadband Deployment Report, which was circulated by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to his fellow commissioners today.

Sen. Graham’s Latest Worry: Music Licensing Marketplace Disruption

Sen. Lindsey Graham, the Republican from South Carolina, warns that moving to terminate or even sunset the consent decrees without first working with Congress and his committee would be highly detrimental -- even to Radio.

Raul Alarcon

SBS’s Q4 Prognostication: ‘Excelente’

Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) remains under a magnifying glass with many. Preferred shareholders with deep pockets, reportedly unafraid of litigation, are still battling company leader Raúl Alarcón Jr. For SBS, that may just be noise: Preliminary Q4 and full-year 2018 results are "excellent," Alarcón says.

Auto Needs Brands Serve Up Radio Spots

What better medium is there than radio to reach consumers while on the road -- a place a breakdown or accident could occur at any time? The GEICO team wouldn't disagree with that assessment, based on its continued use of spot radio to build its brand awareness, and sales.

Is An LPFM Operator Out-Foxing All?

The FCC on February 8 granted a request for a silent STA from an Alabama LPFM that's seen two NOVs for unauthorized tower sites in five years. Yet, the station is back on the air, and the request was filed two months late. Consider it the latest twist in a story involving Terry Keith Hammond, a past license loser.

What’s Pandora Promoting Now, Post-Sirius XM Sew-Up?

Now that Sirius XM Satellite Radio owns Pandora, the streaming audio pioneer, can radio expect to see the continued anti-AM & FM push seen prior to its acquisition? You bet. This time, Pandora is touting its "audience-first approach." Meanwhile, the first jointly branded Pandora and Sirius XM promo is out.
Saga Communications, Inc.

What’s In Store For Saga In Q4?

Saga Communications revealed Monday that it will release its Q4 and year-end 2018 results at 9am Eastern on Tuesday, March 12. What should investors expect from this small- and mid-sized market player?

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EMF Makes A ‘Joy’-Filled Swap

An asset exchange agreement has just been filed with the FCC that will bring Educational Media Foundation a signal in the famous home of Jack Daniels whiskey, Lynchburg, Tenn. In exchange, EMF is parting ways with a Class C3 station in Mississippi.

How Consumers Can Navigate ‘Fake News’ In The ‘Post-Trust’ Era

We grew up trusting our friends, teachers, newspapers, radio hosts and TV news announcers. Now, say two scholars, "we are now living in the post-trust era." What does this mean for the content appearing on many radio station websites? What about what's being said from a broadcast TV stations news anchors?

Here’s Johnny … And The Spot!

Johnny Carson, who helmed The Tonight Show from 1962-1992, offered in-show product endorsements, as did sidekick and announcer Ed McMahon, throughout many of the show's early years. Now, thanks to Veritone, archival and licensing of these clips, in addition to guest appearances, is possible.

Here Come The Auto Dealers

"Happy Valentine's Day ... here are the keys to your gift." Is that a common thing? Auto dealers may have been hoping for a lovers' leap in sales last week, given the surge in spot TV activity seen for the week ending February 17. What brands, in particular, stepped up their ad activity?

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GEICO’s Spot Cable Superiority Continues

Few brands have been as committed to the use of broadcast and cable TV to reach consumers as the Government Employees Insurance Co., better known as GEICO. For the week ending February 17, GEICO's use of spot cable to build its brand awareness, and sales, was nearly double that of the No. 2 user of spot cable.

The Male ‘Power Shopper’, Driving Smart Speaker Growth

Men are shopping more frequently in-store and online than women, says a recently released report from First Insight. Among the findings radio industry's C-Suite will appreciate: Male ownership of smart speakers surged, and is a key role in how they shop.

Engaging Multicultural USA in a Fragmented Media World

"Research is not cutting it in terms of addressing which media platforms are most effective for advertisers," declares Horowitz Research SVP Adriana Waterston. That's why she believes it's time for marketers to take a new approach to how it think about advertising effectiveness. Take notes, radio and TV execs.

ACA Seeks FCC OK For Paper Reduction Plan

The ACA has filed with the FCC an ex parte notice memorializing a meeting held Friday between two key lobbying group executives and Alison Steger, Media Advisor to Chairman Pai. In the meeting, ACA encouraged the Commission to take steps to permit cable operators to send certain required notices to broadcasters via email, rather than certified letters.

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CP Consolidates In Florida With Big New Facility

A company known for its products and services for broadcast and live event productions has just consolidated its operations by closing its Elmsford, N.Y., and Orlando offices and opening a new 31,000-square foot facility in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Qligent Promises ‘Comprehensive, Virtualized VOD Analysis’

A "revolutionary new solution" that brings "comprehensive, virtualized assessment and verification of file-based content throughout the Video on Demand (VOD) experience will make its stateside debut at the 2019 NAB Show.

Imagine What’s In Store For NAB Show Attendees

The theme at Imagine Products' booth at the NAB Show, April 8-11 in Las Vegas, will be "new." This includes new licensing options, new partners Codex and, and a new website.