A Radio Company Brings A Newspaper Back To Life

Less than two weeks ago, a daily newspaper serving the "duck and rice capital of the world" lost its daily newspaper ... or so it thought. Right up to what was to be the final edition, suitors lined up with bids to buy the publication. One radio broadcasting company was successful.

Pioneering Radio, TV Journalist Cokie Roberts Dies At 75

In 1978, a veteran journalist known for her coverage of Washington politics joined what was then known as National Public Radio. In 1988, she would join ABC News. Now, journalists and everyday listeners are paying tribute to Cokie Roberts, who has died of complications from breast cancer.

FCC Democrats Dissent To Nexstar/Tribune Deal

The FCC on Monday voted in favor of a deal allowing Nexstar to merge with Tribune Media. But, the Commission's approval was far from unanimous. A party-line 3-2 vote is to thank, and Mike O'Rielly's view couldn't be more divergent than that of the two Democratic Commissioners.

As Expected, FCC OK’s Nexstar/Tribune Merger

Thirteen months ago, the discussion among media executives and around the FCC was whether Tribune Media would be successfully merged with Sinclair Broadcast Group. What a difference a year makes. Nexstar has just won FCC approval of its planned acquisition of Tribune.

Salem Media Group Shrinks Board to Reduce Costs

With its stock price hovering at close to $2 after a late-August fall to below $1.50, Salem Media Group has been struggling to recover from not only a fresh five-year low but its lowest closing prices in a decade. Now, the company is shrinking its board to reduce costs.

SBG ‘Restructures’ Hispanic Offering With Sports Boost

Gen Media Partners-owned Sun Broadcast Group is celebrating the eighth birthday of Sun Latino with "a fresh new look." That includes a fresh "playera" and a soccer ball, perhaps. Why? Sun is diving in to the scrum to help fill the void left by the end of ESPN Deportes Radio.

Broadcast Radio: Under Threat From New Tech

As streaming music services continue their ascendance, attracting increasing levels of consumer spend, and the automotive industry explores the car connectivity road map, traditional broadcast radio is coming under serious threat. That’s according to a new automotive audio report from Futuresource Consulting.

Univision: Surrounding The Consumer Will Include Radio

For more than a year, Univision Communications' radio assets have been the subject of some pretty wild rumors. New gossip has emerged that suggests the company is looking at selling all or some of its stations, with Meruelo Media supposedly kicking the tires. Univision says no.

Asset Liquidation Ahead For Scrutinized St. Louis Operator

The fate of four AM stations serving St. Louis were placed in question in June 2019, when a Hearing Designation Order was issued by the FCC to the licensee of these stations. On Sept. 11, the need for a hearing was erased: The stations' owner has declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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South Carolina AM Gets ‘New Mountain To Climb’

A husband-and-wife who share ownership of a South Carolina AM have "bargained and sold" the facility to another Palmetto State-based entity. The deal includes an FM translator.

Lilly Lassoes A Broadcast TV Station To Bump Caribbean Coverage

For several years, Lilly Broadcasting's TV division has provided cable and satellite viewers in U.S. Caribbean territories with English-language network programming from the mainland. Now, it is ensuring its services perhaps avoid another ugly dispute over carriage fees by buying an over-the-air station in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

NBC Peacocking Over New Streaming Service

Thanks to snagging the rights to such popular OTT-consumed fare as "The Office," there's been a whole lot of buzz surrounding NBCUniversal's soon-to-launch OTT offering, first announced in May at its Upfront presentation in New York. As of today, it now has a name.

A Trio Of VPs Get Their ‘Senior’ Moment At Hearst

Three executives holding Vice President titles within Hearst Television have been bumped up to Senior Vice President, respectively.

Latest Articles

Is Ad Industry Weakness A Media Industry Concern?

"We are in the midst of one of the strongest advertising markets in a while, yet advertising agency revenues are decidedly weak." That's an assessment of the advertising industry from Wall Street investment analyst Michael Nathanson, who has five key takeaways from NY Advertising Day to share.
Westwood One

For Attribution Measurement, WWO Elects LeadsRx

With the move, Cumulus Media-owned Westwood One becomes the first national audio platform to use LeadsRx attribution software "to provide a comprehensive, quantitative analysis of how audio advertising drives advertiser search and site traffic."

Key New Hires Mean Big Losses For USRN

The radio syndication company behind "The O'Reilly Update with Bill O'Reilly" has expanded its offerings to include network audio advertising sales to producers and service/program providers. As such, it has a new President/COO and an incoming EVP/Advertising Sales -- both coming from United Stations.
Anna Eshoo

Eshoo Reignites Russian Propaganda Probe Call For ‘Sputnik’

The non-voting Delegate for Washington, D.C., in the House of Representatives and a California House Member have taken lead roles in a group of Congressional leaders seeking a FCC investigation into whether a local radio station aired propaganda sponsored by the government of Russia.

Internet and digital news for the broadcasting industry.

Hilton Honors Guest Ears With iHeart Integration

So, you're in yet another hotel room that lacks an AM/FM radio? Hilton has an app for that, allowing guests to listen to any iHeartRadio station, in addition to podcasts and playlists.

A New FM Audio Processor Gets Radio Show Debut

Just in time for the 2019 Radio Show in Dallas: a new FM audio processor "built from the ground up based on several new breakthrough technologies, including a new approach to dynamics control and pre-emphasis management."

Real-Time Transcription, And Instant Translation, For Live TV

For the first time, newsrooms and content producers have access to a tool allowing them to collaboratively edit, verify and share accurate coverage of breaking news and live events virtually as they happen.