Lilly Gearing Up For Yet Another Retrans Consent War

In October 2017, Lilly Broadcasting stations were blocked, by law, from Dish subscribers in the absence of a new retrans agreement. From April 1-April 13, 2017, Lilly's stations and that of related entity SJL Broadcast Management were blacked out on DirecTV systems. Now, a new DirecTV battle is brewing, and Lilly and SJL stations are warning viewers of a potential loss of signal.

Local Broadcasters Lauded As Violent Weekend Scorches U.S. Cities

TV and newspaper journalists are literally risking their lives by delivering reports of protests in support of racial justice across the U.S. -- many of them violent. These efforts were commended by the chairman of FCC, one day after the NAB and RTDNA condemned Louisville police for aiming at a Gray Television-owned station's news crew covering a Friday protest over the death of George Floyd.

What’s The State Of Communications Marketplace Competition?

On February 27, the Office of Economics and Analytics at the FCC created Docket 20-60, opening up a comment period for interested parties to chime in on "the state of competition in the communications marketplace." Three months later, the NAB filed its comments on the matter. In total, 28 filings have been seen from groups including musicFIRST and the Future of Music Coalition.

Cox Plucks A Top DirecTV Leader As Kim Guthrie’s Successor

For the past five years, Daniel York has served as Sr. EVP and Chief Content Officer for AT&T and its DirecTV arm, and has been associated with the DBS provider's parent company since 2004. Now, York is exiting AT&T. He's taking a role most recently held by Kim Guthrie.

RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS Podcast: JD Crowley

Sheltering at home led many radio consumers to use their smart speaker, or phone, to tune in to a radio station they'd normally listen to while in the car. As the nation begins its "reopening," Entercom Chief Digital Officer JD Crowley finds that as listening on an actual radio returns, streaming levels are staying put. Learn more in this RBR+TVBR podcast! LISTEN HERE

Salem Media Group’s Q1? Expenses Up, Revenue Down

With Monday's Closing Bell on Wall Street came the release of first quarter 2020 financial results from Salem Media Group. How did the company best-known for its Christian-themed and conservative Talk radio programming and a publishing arm perform in the quarter? A gigantic net loss was seen, thanks to COVID-19 pandemic-related income challenges.

No Mid-Sized Market Myth: Radio Consumption’s COVID-19 Resonance

Nielsen Audio and Westwood One Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard are singing a happy song. It seems a Thursday afternoon client webinar to present an April 2020 analysis of Continuous Diary Measurement markets was held, and in markets ranked No. 50 to No. 100, what was the key finding? "There was no audience impact from COVID-19." It's a reminder that PPM markets are vastly different.

Amy Jacobson’s ‘Morning Answer’ To Ill. Gov.: I’m Suing You

Chicago morning host Amy Jacobson recently gained national attention for being barred from press briefings conducted by Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker. Now, Jacobson and her employer, Salem Media Group, have filed a federal lawsuit against Pritzker for his decision — allegedly prompted by Jacobson's reporting of his family's travel out-of-state during a shelter-in-place order.

Cumulus Gets FCC’s OK For Complete Foreign Ownership

In May 2019, a reconstituted post-bankruptcy Cumulus Media sought the FCC’s approval to allow non-U.S. persons or entities to hold up to 100% of its voting stock and capital stock generally in the future. On Friday, the Commission said yes.
Daniel Anstandig

The Radio Station Mobile App: COVID-19 Growth

The use of a station-specific mobile app has increased since the onset of consumer behavior changes spurred by restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. That's based on new research from a leading provider of such apps, Futuri.

Salem To Reveal Its Q1 ’20 Results On Monday

Curious as to how Salem Media Group fared financially during the first three months of 2020? You'll have your answer on Monday, following the Closing Bell on Wall Street.

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Seven Mountains Gains Ex-Colonial AMs In Central Pa.

On May 8, a Williamsport, Pa., operator moved forward with the involuntarily transfer of its licenses to a trustee. It concluded a four-year battle with a bank to resolve the company's debts, but came with some drama involving the refusal by this broadcaster's leader to sign off on a sale of its final AM properties. Now, the trustee is selling the stations. The buyer? The Keystone State radio specialist led by Kristin Cantrell.


As States Reopen, Local Spot TV Ads Swing Upward

Spot advertising in local markets appears to be starting to turn the corner after declining in some areas by as much as 35% at the end of March. That's according to fresh data released today by Nielsen.

Life. Changing. Transaction: A Texarkana TV Station Is Sold

For television viewers in the Texarkana, Ark./Tex., market, a Class A digital TV station has provided "life-changing" non-secular programming for several years. Now, the future of this property is in question thanks to its sale.

George Flinn Jr. Executes A Host Of ‘Radiant’ Deals

George S. Flinn Jr. is widely known across the media broadcasting industry for his ownership of radio and TV stations in Mississippi, the Memphis market, and in Arkansas. Now, he's paring back his television assets. Concurrently filed deals indicate that he's parting ways with several of them, with all going to the same non-secular operator. Could a political bid be why?

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A Cacophony of Copy For a Language-learning App

While an auto insurance company, to little surprise, is the top brand using Spot Radio for the week ending May 31, an increasingly popular language-learning tool is closing in on the top spot.  That's according to fresh data released Monday by Media Monitors.

Auto Insurance Specialists Dominate Spot TV Again

While the COVID-19 pandemic has led to some slight shifts in what brands are most active at spot TV and on spot cable, the latest Media Monitors reports show that category consistency is being seen on both visual media venues.

How A Sales Manager Can Support Seasoned Reps’ Efforts Best

"Of the different types of Sales Managers, the Maintenance Sales Manager is typically the easiest job of the group," says expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger. For him, Maintenance is the key term here. Why? It shows that the Sales Manager maintains an effective sales team and processes that someone else has put into place.

LPTV Advocate, Coalition Director Mike Gravino Dies

On Friday, Mike Gravino formally retired, but likely not by choice. The vibrant spectrum rights advocate was entering Hospice, as his fight with pancreatic cancer had become one he couldn't win. On Saturday, Gravino's battle concluded.

Internet and digital news for the broadcasting industry.

Vertical Bridge Issues $534M Of Secured Tower Revenue Notes

Vertical Bridge REIT, the privately held owner and operator of communications infrastructure and locations across the U.S., confirmed Monday that it has successfully issued the notes in a private asset-backed securitization (ABS) transaction.

ReelWorld, Futuri Team For ‘The Future of Interactive Programming’

Futuri, the provider of cloud-based audience engagement software, and ReelWorld, a jingle, imaging, and sonic branding company, have forged a strategic partnership that includes the launch of a new interactive programming platform designed to help programming teams create "truly standout, engaging on-air moments with minimal drain on resources."

Virtual ‘Transmission Talk’ Begins From Nautel

Nova Scotia-based Nautel has announced a series of round table discussions under the “Transmission Talk Tuesday” title set to run weekly throughout the month of June. Hosted by Jeff Welton, the weekly events will bring in featured guests to discuss a range of topics related to radio transmission.