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Ajit Pai Confirms FCC Departure Plan

It's been a much-discussed topic since it became clear that Joe Biden would be the next President of the United States: Would there be two openings at the FCC, as Republican Commissioner Mike O'Rielly's exit was all-but-sealed by the Trump Administration prior to his defeat in the 2020 elections? The answer is now a confirmed affirmative.

Family Radio’s NYC AM: Signals On The Move?

From 1964 until early 2013, Family Radio served the New York Tri-State Area through the use of an FM radio station now home to country music and owned by Entercom. On February 27, 2015, Family Radio's service to the Big Apple returned by way of a heritage AM. Now, the future of that facility is in question, thanks to a big land sale in Queens.

Program-Length TV Spot in KidVid Hours? Fine … Literally.

On eleven occasions roughly two years ago, a 30-second commercial aired during a program broadcast during "KidVid" hours on a MyTVNetwork station operated by Sinclair Broadcast Group via a shared services agreement. That's a no-no, and the licensee — but not Sinclair — now faces a sizable FCC fine.
Robert McDowell

Gray Tells SCOTUS To Toss Third Circuit FCC Rule Remand

With the help of a former Republican FCC Commissioner appointed to the agency by President George W. Bush, Gray Television has filed an amicus brief on behalf of the Commission and the NAB that supports their belief that the Third Circuit is unfairly throwing a monkey wrench into needed "modernization" of TV station ownership rules.

Comcast To Kill ‘Neighboring DMA’ Access To Hearst Stations

It's not another retransmission fee dispute ... sort of. Rather, Comcast says its Xfinity cable TV service is eliminating a little bit of duplication in a cost-savings move that trims its retrans fee payments while eliminating dual choices. The changes are coming December 22, and it only involves one local TV station owner: Hearst Television.

SCOTUS Selects Date For Remand Case Oral Arguments

Ajit Pai's legacy at the Commission could stand on a Supreme Court decision on the FCC's "modernization" effort that would deregulate local media rules for broadcast radio and TV station owners. Whether the rule change stands, or SCOTUS sides with the Third Circuit in a rule remand, begins just 24 hours before Pai's final day as FCC Chairman.

Radio’s 101st Year: What Could It Bring?

In this exclusive commentary, programmer/consultant-turned-licensee Clark Smidt notes that, as Radio celebrates its centennial, it came of age in a similarly problematic pandemic. While much has changed, there's one commonality that very much matters more than a century later.

Forecast LIVE 2021: The Post-Pandemic Plan For Radio’s Leaders

Radio's Financial Summit, Forecast, has always been about predicting the future with data points and trends. This year, Forecast LIVE will present a series featuring candid responses by radio industry leaders to this question: "How has COVID-19 changed your approach to inventing the future and what resulting new opportunities do you plan to continue post pandemic?"

Add Another Big Investor Event To iHeart’s C-Suite Slate

Bob Pittman and Rich Bressler will be starting the final month of 2020 with not one, but two, big appearance at key institutional investor conferences. That's because it is now known that the December 1 2020 Wells Fargo TMT Summit won't be the only event iHeartMedia's CEO and COO/CFO, respectively, will be presenting its growth story.

An Ohio Radio Legend Readies For Retirement

In the summer of 1982, Dave Crowl could be found at WLVQ-FM in Columbus, Ohio, as General Manager. He was six years into a 44-year career as a successful radio broadcasting leader. It will conclude at the end of this year, his current employer, Cumulus Media, has revealed.
SBS / Spanish Broadcasting System

SBS Ends November With Q3 Earnings Reveal

With its publicly traded shares heading toward a delisting from the OTC Pink sheet and the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting its full abilities to generate strong free cash flow across its radio stations, Miami-based Spanish Broadcasting System will release its third quarter 2020 results on Monday.

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Tom Huth Estate Sells Golden State AM, FM Translator

The estate of Tom F. Huth, under the direction of executor Dwilynda Huth, has sold a presently silent AM radio station with an FM translator tied to it that serve a city due north of Sacramento and to the south of Chico, Calif.

ViacomCBS Agrees to Publishing Arm’s Spin

The sale of publishing business Simon & Schuster by ViacomCBS was an event many expected would occur sooner or later, following the reunification of Viacom and CBS Corp. under the direction of majority shareholder National Amusements, Inc. On Wednesday, ViacomCBS officially said goodbye to Simon & Schuster. It's earning billions from the divestment.

FCC Seeking Comments On NEXTGEN TV Multi-Station Multicast Ruling

The FCC's Media Bureau is now seeking comment on a Petition for Declaratory Ruling and Petition for Rulemaking filed earlier this month by the NAB that asks the Commission to clarify and, to the extent necessary, change the licensing treatment of a NEXTGEN TV station's multicast streams under the NEXTGEN TV local simulcasting rules.

TV Advertising Trends Are Better than Forecast. Why?

Why is TV advertising trending this much better and is it sustainable? That’s a question that noted Wall Street observer Michael Nathanson, Senior Analyst at MoffettNathanson, asks in a new investor note.

Latest Articles

OTT Viewing and PPM Carrying: The Perfect Marketer Pair

What does a Nielsen Audio Portable People Meter (PPM)-wearing panelist and a viewer of Hulu have in common? It turns out, the answer is a lot, and a new product from NuVoodoo Media Services seeks to capitalize on a strong synergy for marketing and advertising growth.

‘Exclusionary Inclusivity’ Chided By Hispanic Marketing Group

America is undergoing a process of social transformation. As a nation, this is impacting corporate America, the advertising and marketing industry and is encouraging dialogue of equity and inclusion regarding ethnic sectors. A recent initiative launched last week has prompted the Culture Marketing Council (CMC), the voice of Hispanic marketing, to comment.

United Stations, SoCast Extend and Expand Relationship

The newly inked deal sees the two companies agree to a multi-year renewal of their partnership efforts, which already includes exclusive advertising sales representation for SoCast’s barter inventory, affiliate marketing of SoCast’s 'Digital Playbook' and the provision of web content by United Stations for some of SoCast’s clients.

Another FCC No To Proposed L.A.-area FM Translator

In August 2010, the Korean Gospel Broadcasting Network took on ownership of an AM at 1190 kHz, serving the entire Los Angeles market. In April 2018, it filed an application for an FM translator with the FCC. The Media Bureau eventually said no, leading KGBN-AM 1190's licensee to file an Application for Review. The full Commission has now released its decision.

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InFOCUS Podcast: Greg Loose, Veritone

The U.S. is entering the eighth month of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that’s led to a variety of shifts in media management that largely involve remote work needs. What sort of role has Veritone Inc. played in aiding this transition, whether temporary or permanent, post-pandemic? We get the answer and more in this latest InFOCUS Podcast, presented by DOT.FM. LISTEN HERE

Society of Broadcast Engineers Releases ATSC3 Specialist Certification

The initial idea to create the SBE ATSC3 Specialist Certification began in 2018. The SBE Certification Committee worked closely with key ATSC members for input on suitable information to include in the exam. The Certification Committee also worked with several SBE members with direct experience installing ATSC 3.0 systems.

NAB Show, AES to Co-locate Conventions in 2021

The AES fall convention was previously co-located with NAB Show New York at the Javits Convention Center annually in October from 2017–2019. The two events were held virtually in 2020.