100.3 The Sound airing “KMET Mighty Met Weekend”


KSWDBeginning 11/3, Bonneville’s KSWD-FM LA 100.3FM The Sound is presenting a “Mighty Met Weekend” featuring the legendary DJs from SoCal’s iconic progressive rocker KMET-FM.

Dr. Demento, Jeff Gonzer, Ace Young, Jack Snyder, Paraquat Kelley, Rick Lewis, Rick Scarry, Billy Juggs, Dr. Leon, Frazer Smith, David Perry and SiriusXM’s Jim Ladd are back on FM for 1 weekend only.

KMET was the flagship station for FM Rock Radio and “ground zero” for the cultural revolution of the 1970s.  “The Mighty Met” hit the air in 1968, and – for much of its run — was the #1 rated radio station in LA, “thriving from innovative music and quirky personalities with a take-no-prisoners attitude,” says KSWD.

Fans can visit TheSoundLA.com to stream Mighty Met Weekend online, join the conversation, share classic photos, and watch a live video stream.

Said KSWD PD Dave Beasing: “The outpouring of love and affection for these DJs on social media sites is already overwhelming, even before Mighty Met Weekend airs.  What an honor to have this talented team reassemble at 100.3 in 2013.”


  1. I am loving the KMET weekend. Brings back to many memories. A great job for putting this together the sound 100.3!!!

  2. Thank you so very much
    I set my.portable radio cassette recorder with a timer to start recording radio just before paraquate came on and would record the complete 4 hours and would record the 5 o’clock news and 5-o’clock funnies!!!!
    Thank you again.

  3. I am sad that the KMET weekend is ending! So awesome and I listened and loved it alllllll weekend! Bring it back!

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