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The all-new Radio and Television Business Report (RBR+TVBR) is the No. 1 source of news “From Washington to Wall Street,” designed for everyone on Main Street.

Eric Rhoads – Chairman
Deborah Parenti – Publisher
Adam Jacobson – Editor-in-Chief
April McLynn – Director of Operations


Our main business and editorial offices are located in Boca Raton, Fla.

Editorial inquiries: [email protected]

RBR+TVBR is the undisputed electronic voice of the broadcast media industry, offering financial and regulatory coverage each weekday to readers across the U.S.

RBR+TVBR is committed to bringing radio, TV and digital entertainment executives the business news and signature INFOCUS features that make our publication unique and valued.

We are also the home of the RBR+TVBR OBSERVATION, which offers an unfiltered bottom-line analysis that no other publication covering broadcast and digital media can offer.

RBR+TVBR was born in 1983. Nearly 38 years later, it has been refreshed while staying true to its heritage position as an authoritative, independent trade publication — free of corporate ownership.

Our brand-new afternoon newsletter delivers the news you need to conclude your business day. From the C-Suite to engineering, RBR.com is #RadiosBestRead and #TVsBestRead.

RBR+TVBR was founded in 1983 and sold to Streamline Publishing Inc. in 2013.

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