101.9 RXP says "Rock is Alive in NYC"


In the wake of 92.3 KRock’s announcement of intended format change to Top 40, 101.9 RXP The New York Rock Experience announced “Rock is Alive in New York City” as the station rolls out ticket giveaways every hour to local rock concerts along with a series of intimate area performances by Ed Kowalcyk, lead singer of “Live.”  

RXP Morning Show host Matt Pinfield offered the following statement on behalf of the station regarding KRock’s departure: 

“New York City is losing a legendary rock station in K-Rock and we are sad that many people may lose jobs.  For the new 101.9 RXP listeners coming over from K-Rock, we are here for you.  We play new music, classic rock, and alternative, and we authentically support the local music scene and the future of that scene in the New York tri-state.  We’ve set up an email address for feedback at [email protected].  Thanks for listening, and please tell everyone you know about 1019RXP so that we can continue the legendary rock experience that is New York.”

“The 101.9 RXP Rock Republic is committed to re-awakening the rock scene in the New York area” added Leslie Fram, morning co-host and Program Director of 101.9 RXP.  “Starting in April we’ll be giving away tickets every hour to support shows within our local communities and show why New York is the Rock and Roll capital of the world!”

As a reflection of the station’s commitment to “The New York Rock Experience” 101.9 RXP has announced a “Rock is Alive” initiative featuring  concert ticket giveaways every hour to local RXP rock shows such as TV On the Radio, Dave Matthews Band, Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood, Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails & Jane’s Addiction beginning April 1st.