102.9 NOW FM debuts in Seattle


Clear ChannelClear Channel/Seattle debuted “102.9 NOW, Hit Music for the Northwest,” 6/14 at 10:00 AM. It’s described as a “Hot AC on steroids,” playing the first 10,000 songs in a row commercial free from superstar artists like Lady Gaga, OneRepublic, Mumford & Sons, Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Train and more. The station will announce a programming lineup soon.

“We’re excited to offer The New 102.9 NOW to our listeners,” said Keith Cunningham, VP/Programming, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment Seattle.  “It’s the perfect musical complement to KISS and KUBE and will soon feature one of the best talent line-ups in the country.”

“This new brand builds and expands Clear Channel Seattle’s already strong options for our listeners and partners,” said Eric Powers, Program Director, The New 102.9 NOW.  “The New 102.9 NOW fills the need for this programming in the market and is the perfect radio home for artists like Adele, Train, Katy Perry, One Republic, Lady Gaga and more.”

Fans can listen online at www.1029NOWHits.com, as well as on iHeartRadio.com and the iHeartRadio mobile app.


  1. are you planning on or have you already found a home for kjr sports radio. Mainly, cuz I wont listen to this crap that is on the station now

  2. Very disappointed in this. KJR sports on AM is less then desirable and we have enough radio stations in Seattle playing this same mainstream pop music. Why do we need to add another! Bring back sports radio!


  4. I am very disappointed with this move. I work outside most of the year and the AM signal is spotty at best. Sports Radio KJR on the FM band was the perfect solution. I basically listened all day. You have such great radio personalities at Sports Radio KJR that will be greatly missed by those that depended on your FM station. I’m hoping that an FM solution is in the works.

  5. This is a business decision I, and many others, do not understand. There are already plenty of radio stations that play Top40 in the Puget Sound. KJR just basically went from a 75 mile radius to a 25 mile radius, with maybe half the quality of sound. I know I won’t listen to the new 102.9, and my sports friends won’t listen either.

    I get some of the business reasoning why this choice was made, but it was still a poor choice. Why remove the leader in Sports Talk Radio in the NW (which for being a NON-ESPN station is a pretty amazing feat) from FM radio to replace it with a mediocre copy of their competition? Poor business decision. Very poor.

  6. Love this station….I live on the Washington coast and it comes in clearer than stations 20 miles away…

  7. If you want to stream into Seattle you need to get an app that runs on a Mac. Over half the people in Seattle have them including most of the folks at Microsoft. I’m enjoying singing along to the new music.

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