1,500 Ft. tower proposed in Chicagoland


Oklahoma-based BMB Communications Management is proposing a 1,500 foot tall broadcast tower in suburban Crystal Lake, IL. According to The Northwest Herald, BMB wants to build the tower serving the market on the campus of McHenry County College. It proposes to pay $6 million plus an additional $1 million if it sells all five broadcast slots on the tower within the first five years of the deal. The current 1,667 tower height atop the Sears Tower downtown is actually less height than the proposed tower, given that Chicago is 597 ft. above sea level.

BMB is working to get approval to build the broadcast tower on 3.6 acres in the southeast corner of the main campus. The Oklahoma-based company would pay $6 million for the land at closing of the sale. If built, it would be the tallest tower of its kind in the world (self-supporting), John Maguire, co-owner of BMB told the paper.

Plans to build the tower were detailed last week at a special McHenry County Board of Trustees meeting Wednesday. Even if the college trustees agreed to sell the property to BMB, the company would have to gain approval and the proper permits from the FAA, FCC and the city of Crystal Lake.