20 new programs for Univision, Telefutura, Galavision


Univision Communications is presenting the 2010-2011 programming lineup for its three television networks and interactive platforms. The Upfront is taking place 5/20 at the Frederick P. Rose Hall/Jazz at Lincoln Center in NYC and will be hosted by Univision president and CEO, Joe Uva; president of Ad Sales and Marketing, David Lawenda; and Univision Networks president Cesar Conde.

“Brands that are transitioning from multicultural marketing to marketing to a multicultural nation are poised to win. Our country has changed dramatically and any strategy for U.S. growth must target Hispanic consumers in the language of their hearts,” said Lawenda. “We have an unparalleled offering for advertisers — top 5 network television reach, 52 weeks of original content, and more integration opportunities than ever before with the launch of Univision Studios.”


Univision novelas promise to once again captivate viewers like no other, featuring the most engaging stories, the biggest stars, and the most talented and accomplished directors and producers in the Spanish-speaking world.

“Eva Luna.” The very first Univision Studios production in collaboration with Venevision, “Eva Luna” is a modern love story full of romance, passion and suspense about Eva González, a successful advertising executive. She finds the love of her life and is then led to believe that he murdered her father. Despite the terrible betrayal, she is determined to overcome all of life’s challenges and start anew, unknowingly with the real murderer. Set in Southern California, the novela stars Guy Ecker and Blanca Soto. (Monday – Friday, Primetime)

From Televisa International:
“Soy tu Dueña” (You Belong To Me). This novela reunites international superstars Lucero and Fernando Colunga in a tale that centers around a woman whose picture perfect life is shattered after her fiancé abandons her at the altar. This once loving and warm woman will become cold and bitter and will vow to never fall in love again. It will become one man’s obsession to have her surrender to true love again. David Zepeda, Sergio Goyri, Sylvia Pinal and Gabriela Spanic are part of this superstar cast. (Monday – Friday, Primetime)

“Mar de Amor” (Sea of Love). A timeless love story unfolds in a breathtaking setting, Playa Escondida. Estrella Marina is a humble, good-hearted woman who falls in love with Víctor Manuel Galindez, the major land-owner in this beautiful little town. In order to be together, they will need to overcome many obstacles, among them a mysterious woman who is linked to Víctor Manuel’s past. Starring Mario Cimarro, Zuria Vega, Ninel Conde and Mariana Seoane. (Monday – Friday, Primetime)

“Zacatillo, Un Lugar en Tu Corazón” (Zacatillo, A Place in Your Heart). An exciting and lighthearted drama, it is a story about a famous actress and singer by the name of Karla Abreu whose most trusted friend and manager tries to murder her. Karla survives although her killer believes she is dead. Now, to stay alive, she will have to take on another identity and start a new life. Starring Jorge Aravena, Ingrid Martz, Laura Zapata and Patricia Navidad. (Monday – Friday, Primetime)

“Llena de Amor” (Big on Love). A modern-day ugly duckling story, Marianela Ruiz is a very sweet, intelligent and fun-loving girl. Not a typical beauty, only one person sees how beautiful she really is and he’s in for a BIG surprise. Starring Valentino Lanus, Ariadne Díaz, Altair Jarabo and César Evora. (Monday – Friday, Primetime)

Weekly Primetime Series
“Cuna de Lobos” (Cradle of Wolves). In the 1980s this novela, one of the most popular and controversial in Mexico, ground traffic to a halt and redefined the genre. Televisa International re-imagines this story as a contemporary tale for the first time in 25 years. When Carlos Larios, the wealthy owner of an international pharmaceutical company, tells his wife Catalina that he has discovered her closely-guarded secret and will disinherit her, she kills him. In fact, Catalina will stop at nothing to inherit the business including making sure that her son (and not her stepson) is the first to produce an heir. Starring William Levy and Rebecca Jones.

“Los Exitosos Pérez” (The Successful Pérez’). Endemol USA Latino brings a groundbreaking comedic series in which if appearances mean anything, Martín and Soledad Pérez, are the perfect couple on and off the anchor desk. But looks can be deceiving as each of them is having an affair with someone else. When Martín suffers an accident, they put an imposter who looks remarkably like him in his place, and that’s when the story starts to get really interesting. Starring Jaime Camil, Veronica Castro, Ludwika Paleta and Rogelio Guerra.

“Mira Quién Baila” (Look Who’s Dancing). Univision Studios, in co-production with Endemol, presents a dancing reality competition which brings together the three things Hispanics love – music, dancing and celebrities. Ten celebrity participants are partnered with dancers and each couple will compete against each other in a weekly elimination process judged by experts and viewers to determine the winning duo. (Sunday, Primetime)

“Desafío: La Gran Batalla” (The Challenge – The Big Battle) Univision Studios and BETV team up to create a grueling reality competition where a group of contestants are stranded on a tropical island with just the bare necessities. They are divided into three teams competing against each other – the winners of each challenge will get to stay in plush accommodations and the losers will have to camp out on the beach. Only the team that demonstrates the greatest physical strength and mental endurance will end up taking home the grand prize. Hosted by the popular actor Michel Brown. (Sunday, Primetime)

“Bicentenario” (Bicentennial). Commemorating 200 years of Mexican independence, this is a once in a lifetime event that will make “Cinco de Mayo” seem like an afternoon tea party. This special invites viewers across the U.S. to join the fiesta and celebrate el grito in true star-studded and spectacular Univision fashion. (Primetime Special)

“Divas Latinas” (Latin Divas). In partnership with Estefan Enterprises, this season on Univision, the biggest and brightest female stars in the Latin entertainment industry come together on one stage. For the first time ever, some of the most remarkable women in music, make a night to remember. (Primetime Special)

“El Gran Show” (The Big Show). Univision Studios, in co-production with Imagina US presents more than just a game show; it’s an all-out excitement extravaganza. Each step the contestants take can lead to loads of cash or totally outrageous situations. A two-hour family variety game show, where physical and fun challenges are mixed with today’s technology making for totally unpredictable results. (Sunday, Primetime)

“Llévatelo Todo” (Grab It All). What happens when four contestants get the chance to go on the wildest shopping spree of their lives without spending a cent? It’s a shopaholic’s dream come true – a high-speed, no-holds-barred race to take it all. (Weekend Primetime)


“India.” The recipient of the 2009 International Emmy® Award as Best Telenovela, this groundbreaking production by Globo TV and authored by world-renowned writer Gloria Pérez, “India” is a contemporary story set in Brazil and India. A thrilling tale that explores the clash between different cultures and traditions in a fascinating love story filled with swirling color, captivating characters, music and movement. (Monday-Friday, Primetime)

“Doña Bella” (Beautiful Lady). This original production of the legendary book, Doña Bella, was created especially for TeleFutura by RCN. The passionate love story follows the life of a beautiful woman who falls in love with a member of a prominent, yet conservative family. But her beauty becomes her downfall when she is kidnapped by a powerful businessman who uses and then abandons her. Doña Bella returns to her village after the ordeal only to be rejected by her true love. Seeking revenge, Doña Bella takes charge and reinvents herself in order to make those who hurt her pay. (Monday-Friday, Primetime)

“Rosario Tijeras.” From the international best-selling novel and critically acclaimed film, comes the highly anticipated series. Her beauty hides a not so pretty secret from the two men who can’t live without her – best friends who will face off for her love and in the process be dragged into a world they wish they had never known. (Monday-Friday, Primetime)

“Regreso a la Guaca” (Return to the Guaca). Based on a true story, this mini-series centers on a group of soldiers who come across a hidden fortune and decide to keep the money for themselves. But they will have to face the consequences when a group of deadly and fierce extremists turn out to be the owners of the money. Celebrated actor Marlon Moreno from “El Capo” returns to play the lead in this five-star production. (Monday-Friday, Primetime)

In the 2010/2011 season, TeleFutura is excited to add the following titles to what is already the largest Hollywood film library on Spanish-language television. Starting with blockbuster hit “Angels and Demons” (Tom Hanks), “The Bourne Supremacy” (Matt Damon), “Hancock” (Will Smith, Charlize Theron), “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl” (Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley), “The Kingdom” (Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Gardner), “Jet Li’s Fearless” (Jet Li), “Shangai Noon” (Owen Wilson, Jackie Chan), “Collateral Damage” (Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Leguizamo, John Turturro) and “Exit Wounds” (Steven Seagal). On the lighter side of film fare, we are proud to present “Paul Bart: Mall Cop” (Kevin James) and “Shall We Dance,” featuring Jennifer López.

“Quiero Ser Estrella” (I Want to Be a Star). From the producers of the highest-rated special in the history of the network, “Buscando la Doble de Selena,” comes this program that will give a group of talented young people a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make their biggest dreams come true.

“Diciembre Mágico” (Magical December). TeleFutura celebrates Christmas and brings the wonder and joy of the season to our audience with movies and special productions airing throughout the 25 days of Christmas.


“El Peso del Matrimonio” (Back in Wedding Shape). Galavisión, in collaboration with RM 5to Elemento/Zodiak Entertainment, presents an entertaining reality show where two people who have been married for several years find themselves with a lot less energy and a few more pounds than the day they got married. With the help of a counselor and a fitness expert, they will embark on a journey that will rekindle their relationship and get them back into the shape they were in on their wedding day. (Weekly, Primetime)

“Detrás del Saber” (In Search of Knowledge). A show where information and entertainment collide, this fast-paced and entertaining show, is devoted to illustrating in a visual and practical sense how things work and manufactured. From the flight of an airplane, to the making of a wine cork, to the strength of a shark bite, everything has an explanation and this is where viewers will come to find the answers. (Monday-Friday, Primetime).

“Allá Afuera” (Out There). Spanning the realms of adventure, science and exploration, “Allá Afuera” will capture stories from new frontiers, told from the first-person perspective of filmmakers, visionary researchers and explorers, writers and photographers, who reveal why they risk everything in the relentless pursuit of capturing the perfect story. (Weekly, Primetime)


Univision Interactive Media’s recently launched “Novelas y Series” channel (www.NovelasySeries.com) features a wide variety of popular novelas, including high quality original programming from Univision Studios. Novela fans will fall in love with new programs featuring full-length and short-form online and mobile programming, like the groundbreaking “Eva Luna” and the highly-anticipated original webnovela “No Me Hallo.”

“No Me Hallo” (Finding Myself). Univision Studios and Univision Interactive Media present regional Mexican music superstar Jenni Rivera in a dramatic series for the web. This romantic comedy follows the trials and tribulations of Luz María, a.k.a. “Luchita” (Rivera), a Mexican-American woman who is constantly changing jobs. As she tries to find her true calling, Luchita shares her hilarious adventures and explains to her bosses, friends, parents, and the manager of the employment agency that there is just one simple reason why she quits her job so often: “I’m finding myself.”

Univision’s Music site (www.UnivisionMusica.com) provides an all-access pass for fans to connect with their favorite artists through exclusive In-Studio sessions and cross platform music concerts. Fans can share their favorite lyrics and artists on their customized “Mi Música” page, allowing them to access their favorite artist pages directly. The “On The Road” section will offer exclusive content on top concerts, including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with artists.

Soccer and Sports
The comprehensive Univision Fútbol site (www.UnivisionFutbol.com) delivers access to passion-filled professional leagues and tournaments worldwide. Starting now, soccer fans can get nonstop online and mobile coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, including live online streaming of all 64 matches and Univision talent covering the tournament from South Africa. The redesigned Sports site is the definitive source Hispanics turn to for captivating baseball, action-packed boxing and extensive football coverage through our partnership with the NFL.