Stocks sell off on jobs worries


Stocks sold off sharply in late trade Monday, resulting in the worst losses for benchmark indexes in several months, on concerns about the December jobs report and more discussion of the Fed’s bond taper. The S&P closed 23.17 points or 1.3% lower at 1,819.20, its largest one-day point drop since 11/7. The Dow fell 179.1 points or 1.1% to 16,257.94, the largest point drop since 9/20.

The RBR Radio Index was down 1.450, or .2%, to 920.002.

The TVBR Television Index was down 26.683, or 3.1%, to 844.675.

SBS, up 3.6%
Salem, up 2.2%
Saga, up .1%

Nexstar, down 6.2%
LIN TV, down 5.7%
Gray, down 5.0%