20K falls through the cracks


Yet another station has been fined by the FCC for allowing public file maintenance to fall through the cracks. Like so many others, KPNZ-TV (Ch. 24, Inc.) Salt Lake City (Ogden, UT) turned itself in for the violations when it filed for its license renewal. The station admitted that it had failed to keep the required TV issues/programs list in its public file for most of the previous license term and, for shorter periods, had also failed to keep in the file records of its compliance with the children’s programming commercial limits and its EEO public file reports. Some of the station’s children’s television programming reports were also placed in the file after the applicable deadline. The licensee, Utah Communications LLC, told the FCC it had recreated most of the missing documents and placed them in the file and has instituted procedures to ensure future compliance. But, for the past violations, the station owner has been ordered to pay 20,000 bucks.