20th Television launching new marketing site


On the eve of the LA Screenings, Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution, the exclusive international distributor for all FOX produced or acquired programming, is launching an all-new expanded www.FoxFast.com website today, replacing its current FoxFast.com marketing support website. 

The new tool will support Fox’s international broadcast clients by building on the success of the original FoxFast.com launched in 1999, which established Fox as the first studio to move the worldwide distribution of marketing and publicity support materials to the internet. The new FoxFast.com combines all areas of client support – researching the vast Fox film and TV series catalogs, finding and downloading marketing and publicity assets for a broadcaster’s licensed titles, and viewing product and promo video – all into one easy-to-use website.  Advanced search and user preference features allow the broadcaster to customize the site to meet their particular use and needs.

The “FoxFast” name was retained for the new 3-in-1 website due to its strong awareness and equity with FTVD’s client base.  Starting today, FTVD clients who go to FoxNow.com, Fox Screening.com, or FoxFast.com will be automatically re-directed to the new FoxFast.com where they will be prompted to set up one password (replacing several that were needed before), and have the ability to view a “Take A Tour” video that illustrates the new features of the website.  The downloading of broadcast quality digital files via the website is rolling out now for current season television series, with current and library feature film digital delivery coming in 2010.