Orban Opens A Legacy Service Center In Arizona


CHANDLER, ARIZ. — This ever-growing city, just to the south of central Phoenix and adjacent to Mesa and Tempe, has just landed another tech-focused business.

Orban, the audio processing company, is housing its Legacy Service Center here. It will be dedicated to providing service to the Optimod 8500 and all products that predate it.


Overseeing “Orban Legacy Service” as President is Orban Labs VP Jay Brentlinger, who will serve in both roles.

He explained the creation of a legacy services hub for Orban.

“Orban products [have] some models built in the 1970s that still in service today after more than 42 years of continuous 24-hour operation,” Brentlinger said. “Orban’s factory service kept many of these same models serviced, repaired and updated over the years, and those products may still be in service for many more years to come. Our goal in forming this new division is to ensure that our loyal customers will continue to have the same quality of factory parts and service that they have come to expect over the years.”

Brentlinger said in addition to providing parts and service, the service center will offer trade-in programs for older models that have reached end-of-life.