Hearst Local TV Station COVID-19 Coverage Yields ‘Field Notes’


Coronavirus reporting from Hearst Television stations across 26 DMAs have been aggregated and are the basis for a new second Facebook Watch series launched today (3/23) by the company.

Distributed weekly, “Field Notes” is built around a particular theme in the local markets’ coverage of the spread of COVID-19, which is forecast to rapidly accelerate in the next seven to 10 days from March23.

The Facebook watch series combines elements from Hearst TV station reports, along with further commentary from local reporters to give broader context for national audiences.

After the series airs on Facebook Watch, it will then be made available to viewers via Hearst Television websites and station apps.

“Local reporting is never more critical than in the times when our communities are most in need of reliable and accurate information,” said Hearst Television VP/Chief Digital Content Officer Andrew Fitzgerald. “We’re proud to amplify Hearst Television’s resonant and important reporting beyond the local communities we support, to help inform Americans of how this story is unfolding across the country. As our reporting adapts, we see this as an important time to reach across audience platforms, combining the complementary strength of Hearst’s broadcasts with the reach of Facebook to help serve the viewing public.”

“Field Notes” joins “Dispatches from the Middle,” launched in September 2018, among Hearst Television programming available on the Facebook Watch platform.