3G Broadcasting finds some Oysters on Florida


Bonnie and Kenneth Gomes, owners of 3G Broadcasting Inc., are buying a pair of FMs along the Gulf of Mexico in an unrated portion of Florida. The sellers will be keeping a third FM in the vicinity.

The stations are WOYS-FM Apalachicola FL and WOCY-FM Carrabelle FL. They are between but not in either of a pair of Arbitron markets. The stations are southwest of the state capital in Tallahassee and southeast of Panama City.

The price for the stations will be $400K, including a $50K deposit, an additional cash payment of $315K at closing and a modest promissory note for $35K.

The seller is Oyster Radio Inc., headed by Clair D. and Richard L. Plessinger. They are hanging on to WOYY-FM Eastpoint, which serves the same area as the two stations being sold.