44% of households connecting TVs to the net


iPadTelevision sets have traditionally been the sole devices for viewing video content, but new platforms have emerged that allow consumers to control content delivery and watch video “anytime, anyplace, anywhere,” according to the Leichtman Research Group’s (LRG) seventh annual nationwide study on  emerging video services.

44% of all households have at least one television set connected to the Internet. That’s up from 24% in 2010. 31% of mobile phone owners watch video on their phone weekly compared to 5% in 2008. 42% of 18-44 viewers watch some type of video daily, and 77% do so weekly. That compares with 14% daily and 33% weekly for the 45+ demo.

Furthermore, 73% of Netflix subscribers stream video weekly, up from 27% in 2010. Overall, 22% of all adults stream Netflix video weekly, compared to 4% in 2010.

The report also notes that 27% of US adults watch video on devices other than a TV set daily, and 53% do so weekly. That’s up from 14% daily and 37% weekly two years ago.

Although 18% of all households have a TV connected to the Internet only via a video game system, just 3% of are connected solely via a Smart TV. 62% of adults use other devices weekly while watching TV, but only 7% use these devices as second screens to interact with programs.

Consumer data discussed in this study is based on a telephone survey of 1,240 randomly selected adults throughout the US conducted primarily in March.