605 Widens Its Polk Automotive Partnership


Television and cross-platform measurement, analytics and attribution company 605 has expanded its collaboration with one of the automotive industry’s data analytics firms.

As such, 605 will further integrate Polk Automotive Audiences and Polk Signals, including anonymized vehicle sales, within the company’s TV measurement and attribution products 605 PLATF0RM and 605 IMP4CT.

The partnership expansion, 605 says, marks another move in its growing commitment to the future of TV advertising, which encompasses the entire lifecycle of planning, optimization, attribution, and eventually, prediction.

“The addition of Polk Automotive Solutions will enhance the planning capabilities of programmers, advertisers and agencies that leverage 605 PLATF0RM by planning and measuring effective TV campaigns against a variety of Polk Automotive Audiences including ‘competitive owners’ and ‘in-market auto intenders,’” the company says. “Clients will benefit from the integration of Polk Signals in the optimization and attribution stages by leveraging 605 IMP4CT and the ‘always on capability’ to track real-time purchase signals of TV and to tie campaign exposure to vehicle sales.”

605 is founded by CEO Kristin Dolan. 

The expanded collaboration builds upon the companies’ previous agreement, which was announced in September 2020.


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