A Dark Dakotas AM Has ‘i3G’ Value For Ingstads


A silent 500-watt AM radio station licensed to serve a small town in eastern South Dakota is trading hands. There is no written agreement for the transfer of control of this station. That’s because it is moving from one entity involving a member of the Ingstad family to another entity involving three family members.

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For the sum of $25,000, i3G Radio LLC — an entity formed by siblings Robert J. Ingstad, Todd Ingstad and Tallie Colville — is assuming control of KQKD-AM 1380 in Redfield, S. Dakota.

The station, which has 2 towers and is licensed for 500 watts during daylight hours and 142 watts at night, was previously licensed to KKAA LLC, an entity wholly controlled by Robert J. Ingstad.

The move further consolidates stations held by the siblings, who are continuing on as radio broadcasters following the passing of their parents, who are well-known across the Great Plains for their commitment to local radio ownership.

KQKD joins KQLX-AM & FM in Lisbon, N. Dakota, as station under the i3G Radio LLC banner.

Similarly named i3G Media LLC is the licensee of KBMW-AM & FM in Breckenridge, Minn., and is also equally owned by the three siblings.


Ingstad Children Take Possession Of ‘Family Radio’

In mid-October, the FCC granted approval of the sale of a presently-silent AM in South Dakota to one member of the Ingstad family. Now, the station is shifting to a newly formed entity led by three of the children of the late Janice Ingstad.