A First App for Radio with Voice Activation


The suburban Detroit-based mobile strategy and development company led by COO Bob Kernen is releasing what it says is the first app designed for radio with voice activation.

According to jacapps, consumers can now open station apps with just a voice command. In an environment where users have on average 32 apps on their phone, this technological advance makes it easier for listeners to find their favorite apps.

“From Echo and Google Home to our cars and even our TV remotes, more and more devices are controlled with our voices,” said Kernen, “It just made sense to enable users to open our clients’ apps using Siri and Google Assistant.”

Lisa Waters, Digital Media Director for Local Media San Diego, participated in beta testing of V5 for one of her stations, KFBG-FM 100.7, formerly KFMB-FM.

“As soon as you fire-up the updated app, you get an immediate sense of the station personality because of the inclusion of more spot-graphics from our radio station’s website,” she says. “I asked Siri to ‘PLAY BIG FM’ when I was driving the other day, and it opened the app and started playing the stream though my car speakers flawlessly. It’s one of those features that you don’t know you need until you have it.”

The platform continues to support connected car platforms including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and push notifications.

The platform also continues to have a complete location guide and directory option, which can help radio stations support and generate revenue from local businesses.

— RBR+TVBR West Coast Bureau, in San Luis Obispo, Calif.