A Learning Opportunity for the Audio Engineer


Unlike other design disciplines, sound design is partly created live during a show.

The cast can change. A performer isn’t 100%. Perhaps there’s a sub in the band. Even the size of the audience, or the weather can have a huge impact on the sound of a show.

It’s no wonder that most sound designers were sound engineers. The upcoming Entertainment and Performing Arts Industry Conference (EPIC), a virtual affair, will offer fresh insight into how the person behind the mixing board is both an artist and an engineer — one who needs all their right and left brain power to create the best audio landscape.

AUDIO ENGINEERS & DESIGN: TECHNICIANS & ARTISTS is one panel that Weekly Tech Roundup readers may have a particular interest in.

This panel of engineers, technicians, and designers (including Jessica Paz, the first woman to win a Tony Award for sound design, with “Hadestown”) will discuss the work they do in their dual roles as technician and artist.

The EPIC event offers four content zones across its upcoming live-streamed event, scheduled for January 10, 2022. Sessions will be available on demand until February 12. Among the better-known participants: Billy Porter, the acclaimed Broadway actor, in a Mainstage Session for all attendees. 

The sessions start at 9am Eastern on January 10.


More info and ticket information may be found at www.GlobalEpicEvent.com


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