A Major 4.0 Firmware Update For Brooklyn II Dante Modules


Audinate has released Dante firmware v4.0 for the Brooklyn II audio networking module.

According to Audinate, Dante firmware 4.0 delivers critical support for Dante Domain Manager (DDM), alongside performance improvements and bug fixes.

This release allows manufacturers to immediately provide field upgrades for existing launched products to make them DDM-ready.

The Dante 4.0 firmware is standard for all Brooklyn II modules shipped by Audinate beginning early in Q4 2017.

Brooklyn II v4.0 is a key component in the Dante 4.0 system update, which will implement Dante Domain Manager support across the Dante ecosystem. Only products that are updated with the v4.0 firmware will be able to fully participate in Dante Domains.

“Dante Domain Manager brings essential new functionality to Dante networks, including user authentication, role-based security and audit capabilities, while allowing nearly unlimited expansion and organization of Dante systems over any network topology,” the company says.

Dante Domain Manager is a virtualized application that runs on Windows and Linux desktop and server platforms, with an intuitive web interface.

“The release of Dante firmware 4.0 for Brooklyn II marks the beginning of an era of fully managed AV networks.” said Audinate COO David Myers. “The positive response to Dante Domain Manager has been enormous, with implications and benefits for nearly all Dante installations.”

The Brooklyn II 4.0 release is the first of a series of releases to ready the Dante platform for the launch of Dante Domain Manager. 4.0 versions of the Dante software applications and 4.0 firmware for additional Dante hardware platforms will be available in the very near future. Manufacturers of Dante-enabled products are urged to contact their Audinate salesperson for details on upgrading their products to v4.0.