A ‘Modern Omnichannel Media Accounting Platform’ Arrives


Hudson MX, the provider of next-generation media buying and accounting programs for broadcast media, has launched an “enterprise solution” designed to give the half-trillion-dollar media industry “a modern, cross-media, cloud based media management platform.”

As Hudson MX sees it, FinanceAssist can replace “outdated legacy systems that previously monopolized the market.”

Described as a “one-budget, one-invoice platform,” FinanceAssist can enable agencies to manage omnichannel campaigns with “greater flexibility, efficiency and transparency.”

Hudson MX adds, “With these end-to-end capabilities, Hudson MX provides new infrastructure built for today’s omnichannel reality and can agilely evolve in-step with how the industry transforms in the future while empowering the next generation of creativity and effectiveness for agencies and the broader advertising industry.

JT Batson, CEO of Hudson MX, commented, “Legacy systems don’t support agencies and their media partners’ creativity and innovation ambitions, hampering them with artificially increasing transaction costs and high volume of work that is a distraction from delivering results to clients. As an industry, we can and must do better to fix the ecosystem’s fundamental underpinnings for the sake of our industry’s future. With Hudson MX solutions like FinanceAssist we are doing just that through an agile, digital-first platform unencumbered by legacy technology so clients can eliminate process inefficiencies, allowing them to focus on higher-impact strategic work and unlocking revenue for their businesses.”