A MPEG Media Transport Mobile Live Streaming Solution Arrives


HECAS, a company known for its mobile live video transport solutions, has facilitated the first MPEG-MMT (MPEG Media Transport) mobile live streaming solution. It now seeks global partners for what it believes will be a key enabling technology for hybrid broadcast/broadband services.

HECAS, which demonstrated MPEG-MMT in October at the IEEE Broadcast Symposium and in Dubai at the TV Connect MENA, has concurrently confirmed Sinclair Broadcast Group’s vision on the Next Generation Broadcast Platform (NGBP) — and seeks broadcast and carrier partners for its solution in the coming year.

Seoul, South Korea-based HECAS first deployed its HECAS MLS technology for SK Telecom’s Oksusu mobile TV service last year, delivering ultra-low latency on the Oksusu SPOTV live sports channel.

Using HECAS MLS, the Oksusu service has delay below three seconds on 4G networks; has 10% less data traffic than comparative HLS/DASH implementations, and has a playback differential of less than 30 milliseconds between multiple devices.

The HECAS MLS technology guarantees real-time end-to-end delivery of live videos on mobile networks. The company has a relationship with the KAIST Media Network Lab in Daejeon, where research on ultra low latency live video streaming resulted in the formation of HECAS in 2014.

“We have worked to achieve what we believe is the most robust live video delivery solution in the industry, and having deployed in South Korea, we are now planning to expand to the Middle East market with the vision of seamless convergence of both over the air and online content delivery,” said Hoisoo Cho, head of business development and marketing for HECAS. “Video providers of all kinds – telcos, broadcasters, and emergency network providers – have needs that can only be met with low latency and perfect sync solutions.”

A variety of live video service providers – whether in, sports, live concerts or breaking news – will be able to offer differentiated services using the HECAS MLS Solution. Operators will be able to provide users with a new ‘TV like’ premium viewing experience through the delivery of critical live content simultaneously to all users. HECAS MLS enables operators to deliver a critical advantage in reducing the “spoil” problem for sports viewers or for live chat features that do not synch with all service users, thanks to HECAS’ extremely low latency.

The MLS Solution currently consists of HECAS MLS Caster; HECAS MLS Engine, and HECAS MLS Player. HECAS will introduce its MLS Service in early 2018, which will incorporate the HECAS MLS Cloud solution.

HECAS provides customized solutions for each operator. It is possible to easily configure differentiated live video service by MLS engine that serves as Media Server and MLS Player which supports various terminals.