A New Backyard For Williamsport Radio Cluster


The city of Williamsport, Pa., is known across the globe as the birthplace of Little League Baseball. In the radio industry, it’s become known as the home of a group of stations licensed to a company with a name that’s oh-so-similar to an entity once owned by Barry Drake.

Now, these stations have formally been sold to another entity, which also has a very similar licensee name but wholly different ownership.

Kalil & Co. served as the broker for one of these “Backyard” broadcast groups.

As TRANSACTIONS TODAY first reported on June 25, Backyard Broadcasting PA LLC is selling a group of stations serving Williamsport, Pa., to Backyard Broadcasting of Pennsylvania LLC.

It’s not a typo.

For $5.9 million, the seller — led by Daniel Farr — agreed to hand the following properties to an entity led by Van Michael:

WWPA-AM 1340 kHz, with 1 kW day and 1 kW night, Williamsport.
WILQ-FM  105.1 MHz, with 9.2 kW at 1,135” HAAT, in Williamsport.
WLMY-FM  107.9 MHz, with .0360 kW at 1,289” HAAT, in Williamsport.
WZXR-FM 99.3 MHz, with .0410 kW at 1,237” HAAT, in South Williamsport.
WCXR-FM  103.7 MHz, with .0950 kW at 801” HAAT, in Lewisburg, Pa.
WBZD-FM 93.3 MHz, with 1.7 kW at 1,221” HAAT, in Muncy, Pa.
W203BF-FX 101.3 MHz, with .095 kW at 1,102” HAAT, in Williamsport.

Kalil & Co. represented Farr as escrow agent and served as the exclusive broker in the deal, which also saw Francisco Montero of Fletcher Heald & Hildreth serve as the legal counsel for Farr’s group.

A. Wray Fitch of Gammon & Grange served as the legal counsel for the buyer.

The transaction represents Michael’s first radio station acquisition, and a small profit for Farr. In August 2013, he signed off on his group’s purchase of the Williamsport stations from the original Backyard Broadcasting — led by Drake — for $5.5 million. Kalil & Co. also served as the broker of that transaction.

Michael’s group is expected to assume a recently inked multi-year contract the former Backyard, under Farr’s control, signed with Nielsen Audio.

Backyard had sat out of Nielsen participation in the market, ranked No. 262, since the spring 2018 survey.