A New Integration of the Vantage Media Processing Platform


TORONTO — Telestream, the provider of workflow automation, media processing, quality monitoring and test and measurement products for the production and distribution of video, has announced a new integration of the Vantage Media Processing Platform within BroadView’s OnDemand software to provide advanced transcoding and automated media workflows.

Based in Toronto, BroadView Software supplies a comprehensive broadcast management system which includes fully integrated tools for programming, scheduling, VOD, traffic and sales.

“Built for broadcasters and content providers who are making their content available to either traditional cable set top VOD partners or TV everywhere partners, the integration with Vantage streamlines the operation with workflow automation, reducing manpower and the potential for errors,” the company says.

BroadView can now create sequences based on VOD schedules and send them automatically to Vantage for transcoding, it adds.

“Vantage has an excellent API which has allowed us to create an improved media workflow that BroadView can leverage to provide tools for our clients without having to re-engineer that ourselves,” said Geoff Holden, Product Manager of OnDemand at BroadView. “This is an exciting first step in tighter integration with Vantage that will make our customer workflows more efficient and more cost effective when delivering VOD.”

The integrated solution is currently in use at Blue Ant Media, a Toronto-based media company. Everything is controlled from BroadView including the ability to monitor jobs in Vantage in real time. Prior to BroadView, many media workflows at Blue Ant were manual in nature.

Holden added, “We are also able to provide our clients with a graphical user interface to monitor the state of jobs within Vantage as they relate to the BroadView items without leaving our interface.”

— Carina Newton