A New VP Selected at Cablecast Community Media


Tightrope Media Systems, developers of the Cablecast Community Media broadcast automation, playout and content publishing platform, has hired a “PEG” media executive as the new Vice President of its Cablecast business unit.

In this newly created position, Dana Healy will oversee Cablecast sales and operations. She will also work closely with the marketing team to connect with all Cablecast customers on an ongoing basis. Healy will start the new role on January 3, 2022.

“As a user of Cablecast products for many years, I can see how passionate they are about their customers and the market,” she said. “I’m excited to be joining a company that truly believes in going above and beyond for their users, and proud to serve the PEG community alongside colleagues so dedicated to preserving community media. I look forward to chatting with customers about PEG strategies at upcoming trade shows and industry events.”

Cablecast Community Media President Steve Israelsky commented, “Dana’s skills and experience make her a perfect fit for this key leadership role. Having worked within community media organizations for over two decades, she has unique insights into their needs and the challenges they face in the evolving media landscape. We are constantly striving to improve our engagement with our customers and the PEG market at large, and we’re thrilled to have Dana join our team to help us achieve these goals.”

Brian Galante