A ‘Parity ADS Platform’ for Simultaneous Linear and CTV Advertising Arrives


It is being described as “one of the industry’s first transitional platform approaches,” one that maximizes dynamic advertising potential for television providers by inserting targeted ads simultaneously on both linear and connected streams.

Introducing the Parity ADS Platform, courtesy of Viamedia. The platform, which seeks to maximize live streams for IP-delivered distribution, can insert regionally targeted ads on linear streams ad the same time as on spot cable, thus providing a match to the local ads running on traditional cable TV systems.

The timing is intriguing, as reports show the scatter market down some 30% over the past four years as NewFronts and Upfronts conclude for 2022-2023.

And, it is a further indication that melding IPTV with traditional cable TV will help advertisers reach a bigger audience, in particular in a world where cord-cutting is not slowing down.

“Our new Parity ADS Platform is one of the industry’s first transitional approaches and introduces the immediate next step to achieving fully dynamic advertising,” Viamedia President/CEO David Solomon said. “This presents an enormous opportunity for our MVPD partners around the country to essentially turn their linear inventory into connected TV (CTV) inventory, all while better serving their local communities, businesses and advertisers.”

He added, “The industry is beginning to catch on to the benefits of a parity approach. As subscribers are transitioned to streaming, there’s often not enough impressions to sell independently. By replicating the same ad on two platforms, MVPDs are able to optimize linear and CTV feeds for advertisers, maximizing inventory and ad sales during the migration. This system is specifically developed to drive greater demand and value for existing advertising inventory.”