A Pharma Prescription For Radio, From Westwood One


The Westwood One Audio Active Group, a division of the national radio unit owned by Cumulus Media, has unveiled a new capability for pharmaceutical brands developed with data from precision healthcare marketing experts Swoop, and Nielsen.


AAG’s new study reveals how Swoop custom patient audiences and Nielsen Audio Data can now be analyzed to build broadcast radio media plans and buys. Insights from the study demonstrate new data-driven targeting solutions, showcase broadcast radio’s “significant reach,” and reveal time spent with radio among key demographic segments.

Combined, Westwood One argues that this makes the case “for even greater investment” in Radio.

“Using Swoop data to inform broadcast radio planning and measurement for pharmaceutical brands is now a reality,” said Suzanne Grimes, EVP of Marketing for Cumulus Media and President of Westwood One. “Not only can you now find the right audience on radio, but pharma marketers can generate quantifiable reach and impact.”

Swoop Chief Revenue Officer Scott Rines added, “Bringing Swoop’s precision audiences to Westwood One’s AM/FM radio ecosystem of more than 250 million listeners per month empowers healthcare marketers to better engage with the patients most likely to benefit from a specific treatment. Through this partnership, healthcare and life sciences advertisers can apply the same audiences they’re activating digitally to network radio, optimizing reach and frequency with target patient populations having a high propensity of engagement, driving better outcomes.”

An analysis conducted on behalf of a pharmaceutical brand which sought to understand the over-the-air AM/FM listening profile of those who suffered with psoriatic arthritis yielded the following conclusions:

  • Among consumers within the modeled segment, U.S. AM/FM radio had a significant 83.2% weekly reach with an average of eight hours spent listening per week.
  • Daytime is prime time for AM/FM radio. Within the modeled segment, 77% of time spent listening to AM/FM radio occurred during the weekday, Monday-Friday 6AM-7PM.

The analysis period occurred from October 2021 through December 2021.


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