A Popular N.Y. Weather Man Shifts To Radio



On October 30, the wife of a popular TV meteorologist in the New York metropolitan area signed off on a deal that gave her newly formed entity control of a Class A FM serving Suffolk County, N.Y.’s eastern end, including the famed Hamptons. On Dec. 17, a consummation notice filed by the FCC was granted, allowing the deal to close.

Today, this weather man is no longer delivering live reports from West 67th Street and Columbus Avenue starting at 4:30am each weekday. Instead, he is settling into the Program Director chair at a radio station facing Upper Sag Harbor Cove in a placid corner of Long Island.

For the purchase price of $3.9 million, Bark Out Loud Dogs (BOLD) Media — a newly formed entity wholly led by New York-based physical therapist Sandra Foschi — acquired WLNG-FM 92.1 in Sag Harbor from Main Street Broadcasting Company.

Main Street principal Robert King passed away eight years ago this December. As such, the trust needed a buyer.

The bulk of the funds tied to Foschi’s purchase of WLNG is for the waterfront real estate housing its offices and studios. Some $3.2 million is attributed to property at Redwood Road in Sag Harbor, while $125,000 is attributed to 1017 Millstone Road in Sag Harbor, where WLNG’s broadcast tower sits.

Thus, $575,000 is the price Foschi is paying for the broadcast license of WLNG and all radio station assets.

New York-based media broker John W. Saunders was the exclusive broker for this transaction.

Foschi just happens to be the wife of Bill Evans, the popular Senior Meteorologist at WABC-7 in New York who could be seen weekday mornings alongside another radio veteran, anchor Ken Rosato.

Evans began his broadcasting career at the age of 13 in his hometown of Meridian, Miss., as an air personality on WDAL-FM (now WJDQ), and there had been speculation that Evans would be taking a role at his wife’s newly acquired asset.

That’s indeed happened, with Evans departure from WABC-7.

On Tuesday (2/5), Evans took to Twitter to post a picture of him in front of the mic in the WLNG studio alongside several carts for use on-air at the Oldies station, which was playing “Reunited” by Peaches & Herb in the 2pm hour Friday.

“For the moment, I am pursuing a unique opportunity in broadcasting by returning to my roots in radio and operating the historic WLNG radio station in Sag Harbor on Long Island,” Evans confirmed. “I want to thank my loyal viewers who, for decades, have depended upon me for weather forecasting and have always welcomed me into their communities — all of you made each day filled with sunshine, no matter the weather! I look forward to returning to television and being with all of you again in the near future.”

Evans’ exited from WABC-7’s morning newscast is the second high-profile departure at America’s No. 1-rated local station for local news in the pre-dawn hours. On Thursday, October 5, 2017 Lori Stokes joined veteran New York newscaster Rosanna Scotto for a co-anchor position at WNYW-5’s Good Day New York, which airs from 7-10am.

Some 45 days earlier, Stokes gave a tearful on-air farewell to viewers at WABC-7, where she had been for 17 years.


This story originally appeared at RBR.com on February 8, 2019.


  1. Hi!

    I know this is Bill Evans, but you never mentioned his name in the article or under his picture. Thought you should know.

  2. Good morning just wanted to let bill evans know that I will miss him I have relied on his forecast for the past 18 years and enjoyed him with heather. Enjoy and be blessed in all your endeavors. Remember happy wife happy life.

  3. You are missed Bill Evans good luck to you on your new venture enjoyed watching you every morning. Grace

  4. I was wondering what happened to you Bill. You have a great spirit. God bless you. Wish you all the best in your new endeavors. Will miss seeing you on WABC. Come back soon. Maria

  5. Goodbye Bill Evans I shall miss you. You started my day with the weather and a giggle and all around good humor. I had never seen any notice that you were leaving WABC and kept waiting for you to return. Enjoy your new Venture know that you are truly missed God bless you

  6. I’m so use to getting ready for work watching you in the morning not only for the weather but for the sense of humor. Good Luck and enjoy ur new venture. Miss you Bill God Bless you.

  7. Bill, I have enjoyed your unexpected humor, impromptu comments and great personality for many years. My family and I will greatly miss seeing you as we start the day. Wishing you much enjoyment in your new endeavor.

  8. Bill Evans you are the best I thought you were on vacation for the longest time it was wondering when you would come back I now know why you are not on morning news I wish you the best you have the most beautiful spirit in the morning when you gave the report the best to you and your family and keep on shining God bless I hope and pray that you will come back to channel 7 take care

  9. Bill Evans: I wanted to extend my gratitude to you for all the years you provided entertainment while doing your job. You’re we’re amazing. I miss you. I wish you the best on your new journey.

  10. Bill Evans no one is better than you when it comes to weather forecasters. I am so upset that you are gone. I have listened to you every single morning for the past 20+ years. Your great sense of humor and out of nowhere comments were always on point and hilarious. Hope to see you on another station one day soon. I will stop watching ABC and start watching you 🙂

  11. Bill you were flat out awesome. Been watching and counting on your weather reports for many a year. Your departure caught many by surprise and shock. I hope that your future endeavors will prove to be as fruitful as your long list of accomplishments.

  12. I really miss Bill Evans , especially his attired
    He was the Best dressed weatherman on TV & handsome too. You are missed but will not be forgotten.

  13. Bill Evans was always entertaining especially with his athletic stunts like water skiing on the Hudson River. Great sense of humor and an excellent weatherman. With his background and experience Wling will do very well

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