A Quarter-Century Of Service for Sun & Fun


Since 1996 it has offered radio stations products and services it believes can lead to better sales, improved ratings and reduced expenses for 100% barter.

Now, Sun & Fun Media is having a little fun itself, as it officially celebrates 25 years of operations.

The Orlando-based network radio was founded by CEO Rob Koblasz. Today Sun & Fun serves more than 1,400 stations across the U.S.

For those unfamiliar with Sun & Fun Media, the company has established itself as a radio industry supplier of products and services needed by radio stations for barter — including vacations, incentives, gift cards, vehicle wraps, branded station merchandise, bill pay for NTR events, television and billboard advertising for stations, research, consultants, transmitters and other equipment, and even software.

The company has even paid electric bills on barter, Koblasz says.

His company has even worked with large radio groups to cover costs for corporate managerial meetings and office holiday parties.

Among those saluting Sun & Fun on its 25 years is SummitMedia/Omaha President Rick Parrish, who calls it “a terrific company to work with to find incentives for your sales team or vacations and trips for on-air giveaways.”


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