A Spot Commitment Seen At Broadcast Radio


The latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report has been released, and aside from a big new effort from a QSR, there’s much stability to take note of.

The other big story: More fully paying advertisers, and less iHeartMedia-affiliated promotional slots, are seen for the week ending May 15.

As seen below, Wendy’s is the big new entrant, as Indeed continues its strong reign at the top of the Spot Ten Radio report.

Meanwhile, the auto insurance category leader is again Progressive.

Other activity of note includes Babbel, whose spots on audio streams are equally numerous; and Straight Talk, the pay-as-you-go wireless services brand.


  1. Adam,

    It’s my hunch the follow are cost per lead advertisers of one type or another (per click, per call, per lead) and not traditional cash spot buyers:

    Indeed, Upside, Ziprecruiter, Straight Talk, Babel, and of course the iHeartradio and Sympathy Pains podcast are in house promotional spots, right?

    I’d be curious to know what your sources say about this month’s list…

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