A Third Station Is Spun Into This Panhandle Operator’s Web


David Earl Hoxeng has emerged as a formidable operator in a mid-sized Gulf Coast market. In a deal filed with the FCC on Monday (4/2), his company has agreed to acquire a Class D facility branded as “Northwest Florida’s Talk Radio.”

This will be paired with an expanded-band AM with an FM translator serving this market, and a 100kw Class C1 Country station.

It follows the assumption of control by Hoxeng’s company of this facility in December 2017, via a Time Brokerage Agreement with a financially stressed seller.

Hoxeng is the owner of ADX Communications, which was formed in 2001 and until now has been comprised of “NewsRadio 1620 & 92.3” WNRP-AM and “Cat Country” WYCT-FM 98.7 in Pensacola, Fla.

Now, ADX is acquiring WEBY-AM 1330, licensed to Milton, Fla., from the Michael Bates-led Spinnaker Communications Corp.

Along with WEBY comes FM translator W256DL, a presently silent facility at 99.1 MHz in Milton.

WEBY-AM has a unique broadcast facility, and is licensed for daytime output of 25kw from 2 towers, using a directional signal from a tower off Avalon Blvd. in Avalon Beach. After dark, it shifts to a different transmitter location for 79 watts from 1 tower in Milton — just northeast of Avalon Beach.

WEBY’s current lineup features local morning host Greg Penglis, and such syndicated talk hosts as Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt, Clark Howard, Larry Elder, and Cigar Dave “The General” — a.k.a. Dave Zeplowitz.

ADX is acquiring the towers, building and land assets located at 5845 Monterey Road as part of an agreement that resolves a loan between Spinnaker and Webyloan LLC. Spinnaker is in default on a loan purchased from Beach Community Bank in the original amount of $516,278.87.

A Forbearance Agreement was reached between Webyloan and Spinnaker on Dec. 6, 2017, and a $300,000 payment from ADX to Spinnaker will be immediately conveyed to Webyloan to help reduce the monies owned by Spinnaker.

To accomplish this, ADX is entering into two Promissory Notes that will see it assume all of Spinnaker’s debt obligations.

All of this follows a Time Brokerage Agreement forged between ADX and Spinnaker that saw ADX assume control of WEBY in December 2017, with ADX paying Spinnaker $4,000 per month to operate the facility.

These payments will be applied toward the total purchase price of WEBY and the FM translator, in addition to an escrow deposit of $5,000 made by ADX to Spinnaker’s agent, Beggs & Lane.

Longtime media executives will recognize Hoxeng’s name for his time as an account executive at Blair Television, as a New York-based member of the American Team and, later, as a member of the ABC Green Team between 1974 and 1979.

In 1979 he shifted to Blair Radio, where he remained until January 1985. That’s when Hoxeng packed his bags and moved to the home of the Spurs by accepting the role of Director of Sales for Waterman Broadcasting‘s KTSA-AM 550 & KTFM-FM 102.7 in San Antonio.

Hoxeng rose to Station Manager at the properties, and stayed on at KTSA & KTFM through their July 2000 acquisition by Infinity Broadcasting as Director of Operations.

He left San Antonio in the weeks following the 9-11 terrorist attacks to become a station owner, driving east on I-10 to the Pensacola, Fla., area just east of Mobile, Ala.