A Trio Of TV Re-Do Deals In Wyoming


No less than three deals involving TV stations in Wyoming are being filed with the FCC and are expected to appear in the CDBS this week.

The trio of transactions saw Kalil & Co. serve as the exclusive broker in each of these station trades.

The buyer of one group of the stations being sold isn’t Gray Television — the company that originally wanted them.

The first deal sees the following stations being transferred from Mark Nalbone-led Mark III Media to Michael Hogan’s Big Horn Television LLC:

KGWC-TV in Casper, Channel 14 & 14.2, an ABC affiliate.
KGWR-TV in Rock Springs, Channel 13,  a CBS affiliate.
KGWL-TV in Lander, Channel 7 & 7.2, an ABC affiliate.
K16AE-D in Gillette, Channel 16, an ABC affiliate.
K28KM-D in Clareton, Channel 28, a CBS affiliate.

If those call letters seem familiar, it is because Gray on Feb. 13, 2018, agreed to purchase them from Mark III Media for $15,716,667.

This deal effectively created a duopoly in Casper, and the Department of Justice had a big problem with it. In the DOJ’s eyes, KGWL is a Casper station. As such, the deal was rejected.

The second deal sees Madeline Gussman’s Wyomedia Corporation sell the following group of stations to Front Range Television:

KFNE in Riverton, Channel 10, a FOX affiliate.
KLWY in Cheyenne, Channel 27 & 27.2,  a FOX affiliate.
KFNR in Rawlins, Channel 9, a FOX affiliate.
KFNB in Casper, Channel 20 & 20.2, a FOX affiliate.
K11RN-D in Douglas, Channel 11, an ABC affiliate.
KWYF-LD in Casper, Channel 27, a MeTV affiliate.
K09XL-D in Douglas, Channel 9, a MeTV affiliate.

Front Range Television is a Delaware limited liability company headed by Coastal Television Broadcasting Company LLC and William A. Fielder III.

These stations had been pegged for acquisition by Legacy Broadcasting of Wyomingan LLC incorporated in Mississippi, for $3,283,333. That deal was announced in February 2018, but was never consummated.

The third deal re-do sees the transfer of the following television stations from Silverton Broadcasting Co. to Vision Wyoming LLC, a Delaware limited liability company headed by Vision Alaska I LLC and Steven C. Brissette:

KTWO-TV in Casper, Channel 17, an ABC affiliate.
K17JZ-D in Bondurant, Channel 17, a CBS affiliate.
K30OU-D, Channel 30, an ABC affiliate.
K13NZ-D in Shoshone, Channel 13, an ABC affiliate.
K22CI-D in Lander, Channel 22, an ABC affiliate.
K26LW-D in Sheridan, Channel 26, an ABC affiliate.
K30MX-D in Wyodak, Channel 30, an ABC affiliate
K35CV-D in Shoshone, Channel 35, an ABC affiliate.
KKTQ-LD in Cheyenne, Channel 16, an ABC affiliate.

These stations, like those of the Wyomedia group, were also originally slated for sale in February 2018.

Legacy, led by Sherry Nelson, had originally agreed to acquire the Silverton stations for $1.5 million.

Pricing details for the new deals was not immediately available and expected with the individual Form 314 and Form 345 filings with the FCC.

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