A Welcome ‘Breeze,’ Or A Stiff Wind For Radio?



The lemmings are here! The lemmings are here!

“What, pray tell, are you talking about, dear sir?,” say the denizens of Effem, a once-proud community that has faded in luster over the last two decades, a victim of technological progress and the inability to evolve, inspire, invent and make consumers intent.

Lemmings, for those unfamiliar with the Arctic rodent, are known for various things. There is an unfounded rumor regarding mass suicide. And, there is the metaphor frequently used to describe people who go along unquestioningly with popular opinion, with potentially dangerous or fatal consequences.

For years, lemmings have served as the greatest, most popular group of influencers in Effem — known to the outside world as “consultants.” As 2018 comes to a close, the lemmings are very much at work, helping iHeartMedia and Townsquare Media capture a group of consumers most likely to use radio.

“The Breeze” is swaying Radio. Soft AC is exploding. But, is it a smart move, or just another reactionary wave from companies looking for a quick fix to long-term problems?

RBR+TVBR reached out to a veteran consultant known for bring “Softrock” to Boston — with boffo results — more than 40 years ago for his view on the resurgence of Soft AC.

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