ABC Entertainment, Warner Bros. strike distribution deal


ABC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television Group struck a digital distribution deal for "Big Shots," "Men in Trees," "Notes from the Underbelly" and "Pushing Daisies." In the arrangement, ABC has the ability to distribute all four series as non-permanent offerings, which includes streaming episodes online and retaining ad revenue generated on’s broadband player, as well as utilizing the pilots on alternative platforms to launch the shows. The episodes will be available at the day after their broadcast premieres. The two-year deal allows to stream each episode up to four weeks after its broadcast, and in return, Warner Bros. will have the same rights the following year with respect to past episodes previously streamed on, and in addition will be able to offer digital downloads of the prior year’s episodes, as well as DVD boxed sets. While Warner Bros. will be able to stream the episodes to unlimited outlets, the episodes will be branded ABC and promote back to the network.