Acceptance of cell phone directory nearly universal


Attempts to put together a directory of cell phone numbers going back to 2004 have all failed, but according to a new poll from, 91% of Americans surveyed are in favor of the idea.

CPN cited a Washington Post taken during 2011 which showed the number of wireless devices used in the United States exceeds the total population.

“With the growing number of households using cell phones only, a cellular directory seems inevitable,” said Aaron Rosenthal, president of

It is becoming difficult to effectively conduct things like scientific research, according to CPN. It cites an report an The Nation’s Health, noting, “This article discusses how scientific studies, and even genetic research, which have depended on telephone data collection, will have their samples limited unless consumers become better educated and decide to opt into directories that accumulate cell phone numbers.”

RBR-TVBR observation: We think that back in the day there was resistance to the idea of having a cell phone number listed because many users were charged for incoming calls. We don’t believe service plans work that way much any longer.

It’s the same as it was with fax machines – RBR-TVBR used to do a lot of business by fax, but received pushback from some because of the expense incurred on their part for items like paper and toner. (Some even complained that the noise generated by reception of overnight faxes would wake them up.)

It’s our guess that few would complain about a cell directory as long as consumers have a well-respected and honored ability to opt out of being listed.

It sure would make life easier for ratings and research companies, wouldn’t it?